Nauru remains COVID-19 free, ensures testing systems work well

Australian media reports that the State of Victoria has recorded over 400 new cases daily over a few days with increased deaths, marking them as deadliest days in Australia since the pandemic began.

The president says there are a number of Nauruans living in Victoria and they are remembered during this time.

Papua New Guinea also recorded 23 new coronavirus cases over the weekend, taking their total number of active cases to 51.

At home, the 43 new passengers that arrived on Friday 24 July are in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel and Canstruct Village.

Digicel backs Olympic Day Fun Run in Nauru

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said; “This is an on-going support that has stretched years back for the popular Olympic Day Fun Run organised by the Nauru Olympic Committee.”

“I am excited to be participating with my Digicel team. We are major advocates for healthy living and sports and are delighted to be supporting and competing with fellow Nauruan’s,” commented Mr. Manaog.

Nauru President urges people not to be complacent regarding COVID-19

Although Nauru remains coronavirus-free the president warns that the virus is not slowing down.

Nauru News reports the second wave of the virus globally and especially closer to Nauru – in Victoria, Australia is of concern.

The second Coronavirus Taskforce practice drill staged on Friday 17 July went well in that it identified gaps and areas needing improvement or changing to ensure the response is timely and it works – in the event of a quarantine breach.

Nauru President reiterates WHO head's warning that COVID-19 is ‘public enemy number one’

Nauru is one of only 12 countries in the world that has not yet reported COVID-19 cases – ten of those are Pacific island countries and five are all the Micronesian countries – including Nauru.

In his weekly update, the president said it is very important we understand and remember the magnitude of this virus and the tremendous efforts that the Nauru government as well as governments of other Micronesian countries have taken to respond to COVID-19 and protect our borders.

Digicel provides new ventilator machine for COVID-19 efforts

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said; “This is a timely gift and is part of our corporate social responsibility towards COVID-19 efforts. The addition of a Ventilator machine to the RON Hospital will help our medical support team perform their duties with more ease. This will also help to save lives in critical care and emergency situations.”

Rare time on land for fisheries observers

Participants are reviewing the latest paperwork, regulations and protocols in preparation for their return to work as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed and lifted around the world.

Speaking to the Nauru Bulletin, Mr Clodumar explained that Nauruan observers are deployed throughout the Pacific region and Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority (NFMRA) is the agent for local observers through the national program.

Fisheries observers are at the front line of protecting our fisheries.

Trachoma intervention reaches 8024 Nauruans

Trachoma is a disease of the eye caused by infection with the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis.

It is a public health issue in Nauru and around the world, with 44 countries and 142 million people living in trachoma endemic areas and at risk of trachoma blindness, based on March 2019 data from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Left untreated, repeated trachoma infections can result in permanent blindness, and data collected in Nauru over the past year has found the presence of trachoma follicles in children aged one to nine years is 23 per cent.

Nauru maintains COVID-19 free status

In this week’s situational update, President Lionel Aingimea said “by the grace of God, we are blessed” to have remained coronavirus-free.

The president thanked health care workers, security, police, Nauru Airlines and everyone that has pitched in to help Nauru remain COVID-free, but warns the virus is far from over.

“This situation is not getting better, it’s getting worse.”

Pay rise for Nauru Government employees

Nauru Media reports the increase took effect on 29 June when the revised salary bands were gazetted.

The Acting Chief Secretary, Sasikumar Paravanoor said there is a 10 percent increase for those in Band 1.

Government employees in between Bands 2 and 4 will receive an eight per cent increase to their salaries.

There is a six per cent pay rise for those between Bands 5 and 6 and an eight per cent increase for employees between Bands B 7 and 17.

Cabinet has also endorsed a separate salary scale for Nauruan teachers, medical staff and police.


Nauru HC Aroi signs $1.3M Japan grant

The grant, through the Economic Social Development Program (ESDP) is valued at AU$1.3 million, and will enable the procurement of equipment to support the efficient delivery of health and medical services in Nauru.

Ambassador Aroi thanked Ambassador Masahiro, delivering messages of appreciation from Nauru’s President Lionel Aingimea and Minister for Health Isabella Dageago.

“President Lionel Aingimea sends his words of appreciation for this grant that has been offered by Japan to the people of Nauru, especially during these unprecedented times because of COVID-19.