Nauru residents under quarantine cleared to go home, no COVID-19

They were all cleared early this week and allowed to go home.

Samples were taken from each individual on Sunday and Monday and results were available within 24 hours.

Two machines are now working simultaneously to test samples on island which is a huge advantage for Nauru as it reduces time spent in quarantine. The reduced time in quarantine means the pressure on services such as security, police, health and food provider Canstruct who has provided free meals every day for every resident in quarantine, is alleviated.

Freighter flights scheduled for Nauru

Another passenger flight is due in to arrive in Nauru on Friday, 29 May from Brisbane.

In a media briefing, President Lionel Aingimea said all passengers will go through the usual procedure of quarantine and swab testing.

He confirmed that the Government is still in discussions with the Fiji government on the status of the repatriation flight.

Two Nauruans were successfully repatriated from Kiribati via Brisbane, Dr Layana Menke’s internship programme in Kiribati has recommenced and she has since opted to remain in Kiribati to complete her internship.

COVID-19 testing machines in Nauru complete validation process

In a statement, President Lionel Aingimea said this means all tests done on positive and negative samples were all correct.

The President strongly emphasised that no-one on island is positive for the virus.

The positive samples used in the validation testing process were brought in from overseas and contained in a safe enclosure until validation testing for the machines was carried out.

All those samples are harmless and since been removed for the proper testing on crew and quarantine residents which commenced at the weekend.

30 people under quarantine, Nauru remains COVID-19 free

In his address Friday, President Aingimea reiterated that the individual named Jaxon Olsson, who participated in a drill last week, does not have coronavirus.

Olsson volunteered to assist the Coronavirus Taskforce and the Nauru Police Force in the drill as the main actor.

The drill took place in Ijuw on Thursday, 14 May.

The President thanked Olsson for his role in assisting with the drill.

There are 30 people under quarantine at the Meneñ hotel, including five airline crew and 23 at Canstruct's Anibare Village.

Pacific warned of seabed mining's irreversible impacts

The report, 'Predicting the impacts of mining of deep sea polymetallic nodules in the Pacific Ocean', is a fusion of more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific and other articles.

Compiled in conjunction with the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, it said there was a lack of certainty around the proposed methods of companies seeking exploration licenses in the Pacific.

But the campaign's coordinator, Helen Rosenbaum, said researchers found the risk of serious environmental damage was high.

Australia grants travel exemption for Nauruans requiring critical medical care

The Australian Government has granted exemption to Nauruans requiring urgent critical medical care to enter Australia for treatment.

The positive development was followed by news of the breakdown in negotiations with the Fiji Government to allow Nauru Airlines entry to operate a repatriation flight for Nauruan students and other Nauruans.

One flight was allowed on 9 April but subsequent requests by the Nauru Government to permit Nauru Airlines entry into Fiji were unsuccessful.

UNDP hands over personal protective equipment boosting Nauru COVID-19 preparations

The equipment was made available through the Disaster Resilience for Pacific Small Island Developing States (RESPAC) project. Amongst other priorities, the project aims to strengthen the Republic of Nauru’s preparedness for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The PPE was presented to Health Attaché, Sharon Aremwa by the RESPAC Project Manager and UNDP Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Advisor, Noud Leenders in Suva recently. .

No coronavirus in Nauru

Past incidents of security breaches at the Budapest have not reoccurred with the current group in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel, who have another week in managed quarantine.

Globally, the aviation sector is collapsing and is also having a major impact on Nauru Airlines with measures taking on coronavirus. Border restrictions and closures, and halting of international travel are affecting the airline.

While a Nauru Airlines freighter is still operating to ensure Nauru is amply supplied, four passenger planes have been parked due to the reduced flight activity.

Pandemic will not end soon: Nauru president

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), global figures of new cases continue to rise between 70,000 and 90,000 daily.

President Lionel Aingimea says this means the numbers for COVID-19 continue to grow, and warns that every person that has not been infected is still susceptible to being infected.

“We cannot put down our guard, we must always be ready.”

Nauru remains coronavirus-free, 34 people in quarantine

From last week’s Brisbane flight 16 people are in quarantine at the Meneñ Hotel, including a fisheries observer who arrived by a fishing vessel and 18 at Canstruct (Anibare village).

On Saturday 2 May, the World Health Organisation recorded 3,356,205 confirmed cases and 238,730 deaths.

In Monday’s media briefing, President Aingimea said even though numbers are slowing down in neighbouring Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, there are still between 70,000 to 90,000 new cases every day globally.