Nauru maintains COVID-19 free status

The next flight from Brisbane will arrive on Friday 1 May with 27 passengers. They will be taken to the Meneñ Hotel and Anibare Village for their 14 days quarantine. One Nauruan fisheries observer is also waiting on a vessel at sea and will disembark at the same arrival time as the Brisbane flight. He will then go into quarantine with this group.

The Coronavirus Taskforce and the Nauru Police Force are working on a national response drill while the hospital is also working on its own drill.

Nauru remains diligent in efforts to stop COVID-19 from entering the country

While Nauru remains coronavirus-free, President Aingimea says we haven’t seen the end of it yet.”

As some countries are saying they are winning the fight against coronavirus, President Aingimea is cautious that Nauru continues to be diligent in its efforts to stopping coronavirus from entering Nauru and calls for prayers for countries affected by it.

Nauru signs Joint Ministerial Statement to keep global supply and trade links open during COVID-19

A Joint Ministerial Statement by Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, The Republic of Nauru, New Zealand, Singapore and Uruguay represents a collective response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, with a commitment to maintaining open and connected supply chains, as well as to collaborating to identify and address trade disruptions with ramifications on the flow of necessities.

Nauru beefs up security at COVID-19 quarantine sites

In an interview with the Government Information Office, President Aingimea said as such this action is to ensure the community is protected from any possible spread of infection.

An incident over the weekend where a group of friends visited a friend in quarantine were considered to be in close proximity of the resident have since been contained until further tests are done.

One month since Nauru placed first international arrivals under quarantine

In a media briefing with the Government Information Office (GIO) Monday, President Lionel Aingimea advised that Nauru remains coronavirus-free.

Those currently held in quarantine at the Budapest hotel have another week to go of their 14 days, while those that have just arrived at the Menen Hotel on Friday 17 April, begin their 14 days quarantine.

Nauru awaits coronavirus testing kits

In an interview with the Government Information Office, President Lionel Aingimea said they have the machines but are waiting for the test kits.

“Once the test kits are here we will then be able to finally do our sample tests. At the moment we cannot do it because we do not have our test kits

He said the kits are currently in Brisbane and it is a matter of getting them on the plane and bringing them to Nauru.

Nauru schools resume Term 2 from Tuesday, 21 April

According to the Department of Education, Term 2 will end on 26 June 2020.

Today Monday, 20 April is a teacher-only day.

Parents and guardians are advised that Nauru is free of coronavirus and therefore schools will remain open until advised otherwise.

The Nauru Government is closely monitoring coronavirus on Nauru and will advise of any changes to the school calendar if necessary.


Photo file GIO 

Nauru remains COVID-19 free

According to the latest briefing by President Lionel Aingimea, there are no cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 in the country.

In an interview with the Government Information Office (GIO), President Aingimea said it will not take the coronavirus a week or two to be completely gone.

He said it will take longer as winter and the flu season is settling in countries like New Zealand and it will be a long battle.

According to President Aingimea, those travellers who are in quarantine at the Budapest and Menen hotels are doing well.

Australia to provide AUD 4.5 million to support Nauru’s COVID-19 response and economic recovery

The Australian Government is committed to working with the Government of Nauru to address the health and economic impacts of this pandemic.

Australia has moved quickly to reorient development partnerships in the Pacific to bring forward funding for critical health services, and to help Pacific partners mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic.

Nauru remains coronavirus-free

Over the last two weeks, a total of four quarantined residents registered fevers and were subsequently moved from the transit stations after arriving on Nauru for further observation as their samples were sent away for testing in Australia. All results have returned negative.

Two COVID-19 testing machines are now on island; testing kits are due any day, and online virtual training will prepare health staff in their operation, delivering test results within days, not weeks.