Nauru Electoral Commissioner orders recount for Ubenide constituency

The recount was ordered by Electoral Commissioner, Joseph Cain.

According to a statement, the ballot papers were found following the first count.

However, there is no explanation for the sudden appearance of the six ballot papers.

The Ubenide electorate provides four of Nauru's 19 MPs.

David Adeang, who was Finance Minister in the previous government, was the highest polling of the four winning candidates, with a margin of 103 votes over second placed Russ Kun.


Nauru moves ahead with land rehabilitation

Much of the elevated land on Nauru, 15 of its total land area of 21 square kilometres, has been rendered unusable by mining, but there have long been hopes that it can be restored, for farming and habitation.

Over the past two years preliminary work has been done by the Pacific Community on a project the Nauru Government said will be the biggest undertaken on the island.

A New Zealand engineering consultancy, Calibre Consulting, is now being brought in to consider the options that have been developed.

Two women elected in Nauru Parliament election

President for the last six years, Baron Waqa has lost his bid to be re-elected to Parliament.

Charmaine Scotty, who was Education Minister in the Waqa-led government and Isabelle Dageago are the two women in the new Parliament.

Waqa contested his Boe constituency with four other candidates in the election on Saturday, 24 August 2019.

Asterio Appi and Martin Hunt were the two candidates elected from Boe.

David Adeang, who was Minister for Finance and Justice, has also been re-elected to parliament.

Niue beat Solomons, PNG thrash Nauru

In the curtain raiser Niue beat Solomon Islands 19-17.

The Niueans making their return to international XV's after an eight year absence.

In the later match the hosts Papua New Guinea beat Nauru 89-7.

For Nauru it was their first ever international 15 a side rugby game.

The next round of the competition on Tuesday will see Solomon Islands taking on Nauru and PNG playing Niue.


Nauru meets international transparency standards

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s national elections, Mr Waqa said the latest report from the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (the Global Forum) was a “great outcome” for Nauru.

“My government won the last election by making a commitment to the Nauruan people that we would be a transparent and accountable administration, and our efforts have once again been recognised by a world agency,” he said.

Forum brings Pacific Island Nations closer together on climate change

Speaking after his attendance at last week’s Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu where climate change was high on the agenda, President Waqa said Nauru was highly vulnerable to the impacts of global warming.

“Climate change is a very important topic for all the Pacific Islands, especially Nauru where we need to future-proof the coast,” President Waqa said.

Nauru counting down to weekend election

They will be running for 19 seats spread across eight electorates.

The Electoral Commission reported there were 7479 registered voters for the poll, for which voting is compulsory.

About 14 percent of votes are expected to come from people living off island.

Nauru's parliament has a three-year electoral term as does the president who is elected by MPs.

The current president, Baron Waqa, has held the office since 2013.


Nauru, Tuvalu firm on support for Taiwan

The renewed competition between China and Taiwan is expected to be a focus at this year's Pacific Islands Forum summit in Tuvalu, especially as Taipei's diplomatic allies dwindle.

Baron Waqa and Enele Sopoaga told a news conference that their support for Taipei remains unshakeable.

Mr Waqa said Taiwan has been treated unfairly by the international community, including the United Nations.

Over 7400 voters registered to vote in Nauru election

Of this number 63 percent or about 4700 voters are aged between 20 and 40 years.

According to NEC, 52 percent or about 3800 voters are women.

Electoral Commissioner Joseph Cain said only 1.6 per cent are new citizens.

The Electoral Act provides Auto Registration so that all citizens of Nauru are able to vote.

Under section 50(3) of the Electoral Act, all auto registered voters turning 20 years of age by or on Polling Day which is set for Saturday, 24 August 2019 are required to vote in the Parliamentary General Election.

Nauru signs agreement with Taiwan to fight cross-border crime

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported Nauru is the sixth Pacific country to sign such a deal with the nation.

The pact, titled "Treaty on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters," was signed by Nauru's Justice Minister, David Adeang, in Taipei on Wednesday.

It allows authorities in both countries to offer assistance to each other in criminal investigations, court proceedings and international crime-fighting.

The pact also allows investigators from both countries to form teams to conduct interrogations via video link.