Nauru Airlines to repatriate Nauruans in Fiji

Nauru President Lionel Aingimea confirmed a Nauru Airlines charter flight will be flying home students and other Nauruans.

According to Mr Aingimea there was support from several people including Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor enabling Nauru Airlines to do the flight.

Nauruans students and families in Nadi, Lautoka and Sigatoka will be the first on the list.

Those in Suva will travel once a lockdown is lifted.

The students based in the West are now at Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi awaiting their flight.

Nauru remains coronavirus free

President Lionel Aingimea told the local media today (Tuesday) that measures taken by the government, health department and other stakeholders to keep Nauru safe from coronavirus are working well.

According to the government’s Facebook page, the third group of arrivals from Brisbane over the weekend has been placed in quarantine at the Menen Hotel and are doing well.

‘As previously reported, the first group has four residents who recorded fevers and are awaiting their test results.’

Nauru activates COVID-19 hotline

Call 191 for information or emergency regarding coronavirus.

People with fever, cough, breathing difficulties and travel history need to self-isolate at home. Stay home and call 191.

If you have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, TB, BP etc, please comply with your medication to avoid further complications.




In-country COVID-19 testing for 17 Pacific Island countries expected soon

According to the Director of the Public Health Division of the Pacific Community (SPC) Paula Vivili, only five countries currently are able to offer in-country testing.

These countries are Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea

Nauru's Covid-19 preparations boosted

Since declaring a national emergency, Nauru had also received aid from other partners to respond to the pandemic.

Nauru's government said "the gold standard" testing machine would significantly reduce weeks of waiting time for testing in Australia.

It said Australia had provided about US$60,000 for the purchase of testing kits and the World Health Organisation had supplied personal protective equipment.

This included 7000 sets of gloves, 13,000 surgical masks and 200 surgical gowns.

ADB announces $320,000 grant to help Nauru combat COVID-19

The other countries are the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

The countries will receive the following grant amounts, which will enable them to kickstart their disaster response plans: $470,000 for FSM; $370,000 for the Marshall Islands; $320,000 for Nauru; and $370,000 for Tuvalu.

Nauru gains flagged fishing state status

This shift has been complicated by Western and Central Pacific tuna fisheries being already fished up to their precautionary biological limits, so any Pacific Island state wishing to go down this route has to acquire fishing capacity, as simply adding new vessels is not an option.

Nauru sets up designated COVID-19 quarantine sites

President Lionel Aingimea, who is also Minister for National Emergency Services, ordered certain establishments to be designated residences for quarantines purposes as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 to Nauru.

The Budapest Hotel, as well as rooms in the external block accommodation at Menen Hotel and the Anibare Village are being used as transit stations.

According to the latest Nauru Bulletin, all travelers will be required to travel directly from the airport in an approved transport to the transit station.

Coronavirus: Nauru guests held in quarantine briefed by Government

The purpose of the meeting was to keep guests updated and provide further information about COVID-19 and other developments in the Nauru’s government’s fight to keep Nauru coronavirus free.

Speaking on the removal of two guests presenting with elevated temperatures, Dr Kieren Keke told guests, “I just want to emphasize that we are being overly cautious. There’s many other causes of fever than coronavirus but we’ve acted because we’ve got the ability to move them (suspected cases) to somewhere different.”

Calls for concerted effort to safeguard Nauru from coronavirus

His Excellency said any possibility of COVID-19 will be captured at the airport upon the arrival all of passengers and contain them at the designated transit residences for observation and monitoring for any changes in body temperature and health.