Setting a new direction for PIPSO

The timely meeting was a result of a partnership between PIPSO and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) around their shared interests to support Employer and worker organisations, with PIPSO looking to strengthen their own organisation and support their own members – both as Employers and private sector.

Pacific Private Sector wants global climate funding to be more accessible

Speaking at a press conference in Apia, after their meeting with the Forum Leaders yesterday, Politini said the region should use Fiji’s COP23 Presidency as leverage to access the funds.

“The funding that is become available under the Green Climate Fund it is difficult to access for small Island states. 

“So I pleaded with the leaders because it comes through government level, they would have to negotiate for this to try to use their influence particularly that we have the COP23 chairmanship in the Pacific the most vulnerable through Fiji.

SPTO Signs MoU with PIPSO

SPTO and PIPSO share common interests in developing tourism and private sector growth in the Pacific region and have identified areas where the two organisations can work together to promote and develop a joint strategic way forward in the region.

This partnership is an undertaking between SPTO and PIPSO to work together to promote tourism and private sector development in the South Pacific in a manner that is both sustainable and brings economic growth and social benefits to the region.

PIPSO to introduce new programme to train trainers in trade standards

Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) chief executive, Mereia Volavola, said the ‘ACPTBT’ Programme will focus on quality assurance standards and will assist companies in terms of making exports easy.

“We have secured a programme with a focus on Fiji and Tonga to train trainers in the area of international certification and standards,” she said.

PIPSO, PIANGO become PIDF members

The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) and the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) signed the PIDF Charter on Monday.

“For a long time now, CSOs and NGOs have been knocking on the doors of Government. We have been pushing at the regional level for the inclusion and recognition of civil societies,” said Emele Duituturaga, the Executive Director for PIANGO.

For both parties, this enables them to further the work that they do.