Setting a new direction for PIPSO

Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisaion Board Members, Staff and International Labour Organisation representatives were part of the 2020 strategic review and planning meeting for PIPSO in Fiji last week.

The timely meeting was a result of a partnership between PIPSO and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) around their shared interests to support Employer and worker organisations, with PIPSO looking to strengthen their own organisation and support their own members – both as Employers and private sector.

ILO facilitated the planning event to convene with seven of PIPSO’s Board members, ILO Staff from Fiji and Thailand, PIPSO Staff, 2 young entrepreneur representatives and Independent Expert Phil O’Reilly to discuss and provide clarity on PIPSO’s way forward and setting its new strategic direction and plan.

The platform offered participants to reflect on the implementation of the PIPSO 2016 – 2019 strategic plan and discuss key findings of the two Independent reviews in 2015 and in 2019 and to learn about balancing the needs and interests of PIPSO whose memberships cover issues relating to private sector development, and those of employer relations.

The meeting encouraged robust discussions and critical thinking by PIPSO representatives who were encouraged to be frank in their assessments and opinions, so that the group could work collectively towards solutions and set clear goals for the organisation.

“We are grateful to the support from ILO for making this event possible, and we look forward to working with them in the future under this partnership”, said PIPSO Board Chair Stephen Lyon.

The partnership has also guided the interaction between the two organisations and saw a project being led by ILO for PIPSO members across Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Kiribati.

The project was to help the members participate in and contribute to their national SDG processes focusing on building capacities for effective dialogue, enhancing ICT and Knowledge Management platforms, strengthen MSMEs and Young Entrepreneurs climate responsiveness and resilience and information sharing and learning’s across the Pacific region.

Taking the opportunity of having majority of their Board present, PIPSO was also able to hold their first Board meeting of 2020 and one on one meetings with ILO reps and Consultants.

CEO Alisi Tuqa added, "this work relating to the strategic plan is work in progress and is important we engage our members to contribute to this discussion about our focus areas and organisational development".


Photo supplied Strategic Planning meeting