Manasseh Sogavare

Solomon Islands: Sogavare defeats no confidence motion

It was moved by the leader of the opposition Matthew Wale after major political unrest in the capital last month saw three days of rioting, looting and burning of businesses and properties in Honiara.

During the debate on the motion Mr Wale made multiple allegations of corruption against the prime minister, accusing Mr Sogavare of using money from foreign loggers and China to secure his support in the house.

In response Mr Sogavare challenged him to prove them in court.

Six parties could form next Solomons government

The Island Sun said the six are the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, the United Democrats, the United Party, the People's Alliance, People's First, and the Party for Rural Advancement.

These parties can boast a slight majority with 26 MPs in the 50 seat house.

The paper said party leaders are expected to commit to a grand coalition agreement which appears set to lock out independent MPs, who constitute a block of 17 in the new parliament.

Fiji hits back over Indonesia's place in the MSG

Speaking in the Solomons parliament Monday, Manasseh Sogavare said Fiji should apologise for bringing Indonesia into the MSG.  

He said Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama breached MSG procedure by forcing the other four full members to accept Indonesia as part of the sub-regional grouping, whose full members are Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and FLNKS Kanaks movement of New Caledonia.  

Indonesia was admitted to the MSG with observer status in 2011 after Bainimarama assumed the MSG's rotational chairmanship.  

Solomons PM says more needs to be done for disabled

Manasseh Sogavare made the announcement at the graduation ceremony at a school for disabled people in Honiara last week.

The school was started by a Christian mission in 2010.

But Mr Sogavare said a more concerted effort was needed between the government and different institutions to give proper attention to a neglected section of the population.

While little detail about the policy has been revealed, Mr Sogavare says it will help the government put in place the necessary resources towards helping people with disabilities.

Photo: RNZI Koroi Hawkins

Solomons PM kicked out of his party

Manasseh Sogavare's office has confirmed receiving a letter from the United Democratic Party president revoking his membership.

An article in relation to the incident, posted on the Forum Solomon Islands International Facebook page, is attributed to local journalist and former MP, Alfred Sasako.

According to the report, the UDP President Tommy Chan made his decision after receiving formal complaints from coalition partners about Mr Sogavare's leadership style and performance since taking office two years ago.

Solomons PM urged to press on with anti-corruption bill

Manasseh Sogavare suspended the passage of the 2016 Anti-Corruption Bill after its first reading two weeks ago, citing a reversal in the bi-partisan support for the bill.

But the executive officer for Transparency Solomon Islands Ruth Liloqula said the postponement suggested an internal struggle, as the government should not need the support of the opposition or independents to pass the legislation.

France urged to comply with UN decolonisation process

In 2013, the General Assembly voted for a resolution sponsored by Solomon Islands to re-inscribe the territory on the UN decolonisation list but Paris has all but ignored the decision.

France has said it won't buy into the UN decolonisation process and also ruled out holding an immediate independence referendum as requested by the territorial assembly.

Speaking at the UN in New York, Sogavare has urged France to change.

Sogavare urges UN Human Rights Council to address West Papua

Sogavare made the call in New York Thursday in his address at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“All states have a legal duty and moral responsibility to uphold, respect and promote human rights and where necessary take preventive, protective and punitive measures against human rights abuses or violations in accordance with the UN Charter and applicable international laws,” Sogavare said.

Solomon Islands PM satisfied with PSIDS-US meeting on Climate change

 The leaders discussed the issue of Climate Change at the margins of the 70th UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

Prime Minister Sogavare said the meeting concluded with a resolution by the Pacific SIDS Leaders to speak with one firm voice on climate change as agreed upon in the Suva Declaration on Climate Change.

The Suva Declaration emanated from the recent Pacific Islands Development Forum held in Suva, Fiji.

PM says sorry

Last Monday Minister Bartholomew Parapolo and his PS Vaeno Vigulu visited Asia Pacific Investment Development Ltd’s (APID) agro forestry on Rennell Island without informing the Premier and his executive.

This has led to Premier Singamoana questioning the visit because there was no courtesy call made to his office.

He said, as the head of the provincial government, he was embarrassed and humiliated because no communication was made to his office of the visit. Also, there was no courtesy to call at his office at Tigoa provincial headquarter.