Solomon Islands: Sogavare defeats no confidence motion

The Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare has defeated a motion of no confidence by 32 votes to 15 with two abstentions.

It was moved by the leader of the opposition Matthew Wale after major political unrest in the capital last month saw three days of rioting, looting and burning of businesses and properties in Honiara.

During the debate on the motion Mr Wale made multiple allegations of corruption against the prime minister, accusing Mr Sogavare of using money from foreign loggers and China to secure his support in the house.

In response Mr Sogavare challenged him to prove them in court.

"I'm willing to face justice Mr Speaker. I'm very willing if the leader of the Opposition can prove the allegation against me. No one is above the law.

As a matter of fact Mr Speaker that is the easiest way to remove the Prime Minister, no need to burn all the shops. no need for looting things...the easiest way Mr Speaker," he said.