Nauru Airlines

Nauru Airlines to replace two older planes

New routes for Nauru Airlines will include Taiwan.

President Aingimea also announced changes to the colours and features of the national carrier where the blue waves will be replaced by black and red breasted frigate birds to reflect Nauru’s connection with the bird which is also featured on the national crest.

The changes are all part of the vision to diversify the economy, the President reaffirmed.
The frigate bird is a sacred bird and is held in high esteem in Nauru’s culture and tradition.

Several changes to Nauru Airlines schedule

A statement said notably amongst these are the cessation of flights to Pohnpei and Honiara.

These destinations have been withdrawn due to very low passenger numbers flying to these destinations.

Ceasing the Honiara stops will re-create quicker and direct services between Nauru and Brisbane.

The twice-weekly flights connecting the Northern Pacific and Nauru to Fiji will continue with the added benefit of moving to better day, time and hours of travel with a spread across the week that will offer customers convenient options.

Nauru Airlines stops FSM and Solomons flights

The carrier said the destinations have been withdrawn because of low passenger numbers, making the flights commercially non-viable.

It said ceasing the Honiara stop will create a quicker, direct service between Nauru and Brisbane.

The airline said it'll add flights from Nauru to Majuro, a destination that's been growing in popularity.


Nauru Airlines board sacked by govt amid review

Chief executive Geoff Bowmaker said he was appointed in mid-August after Peter Sheehan had his contract terminated.

The board has been replaced and some senior managers have also been let go, Mr Bowmaker said.

In an email, the chief executive said the changes were part of a government review of Nauru Airlines' status.

Nauru's newly-elected President, Lionel Aingimea, has promised an administrative overhaul under his leadership.


Nauru Airlines to undergo internationally recognised safety audit

Mr Jensen said Nauru Airlines would take part in the audit ahead of the airline applying to become a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

“Our next major safety and standards project will be an IATA-Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which is regarded by the industry as the global benchmark for safety management.

“The IOSA is expected to proceed in October, as a precursor to Nauru Airlines applying to become a member of the IATA, which will be a major boost for our airline.

New international airline for Tonga through Nauru partnership

Real Tonga offers domestic flights throughout the Tongan islands, while Nauru Airlines, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in February, currently services seven countries across the Pacific with its fleet of five aircraft.

Managing Director of Real Tonga Tevita Palu said the new arrangement introduces the commencement of international operations which to date have been serviced by foreign carriers.

Nauru Airlines in exciting new era of growth and success

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Tuesday announced the results from the biennial audit, which took place over the last week. A statement issued by the airline’s board revealed, “It was a very comprehensive and professional audit and resulted in a satisfactory outcome, of which all staff can be proud.”

Mr Adeang explained the audit had been scheduled since early December and is an instrumental part of operating any airline to ensure safety and accountability.

Nauru Airlines joins Amadeus Global Distribution System

“This is a great step for Nauru Airlines as it means travel agents from all over the world now have various options to help their customers book flights with Nauru Airlines,” Nauru Airlines Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Miller, said.

“Not only to we expect that joining the GDS will allow more customers to use our services by booking via travel agents, but we are hopeful that this step will expand our brand awareness on a global scale.

Summer in the Central Pacific reaches new altitude

As the Central Pacific readies itself for more tourists and inter-island travel, Nauru Airlines has found an easy solution for those wishing to travel throughout the region for shopping, visiting relatives and friends, study and holidaying.

Nauru Airlines Chief Executive Officer Peter Sheehan said that the airline was excited to begin new services between Fiji, Nauru and the nations of Kiribati and Republic of Marshall Islands.

Nauru Airlines sets new flight path with CEO appointment

Nauru Airlines chairman Trevor Jensen said Mr Sheehan, who will commence on July 16, would lead the airline through an exciting stage of opportunity and growth.

“Nauru Airlines has become a leader in aviation in the Pacific, providing passenger, freight and charter services throughout the region,” Mr Jensen said.

“The board has recently developed a strategic plan that requires a CEO and leadership team to capitalise on the market opportunities that are available to Nauru Airlines, and to build our brand, our performance, and maintain our outstanding safety record.