Nauru Airlines

Nauru Airlines extends Honiara service

Residents and visitors to and from the Solomon Islands will have the choice of early travel to Honiara from Brisbane on Fridays and a Sunday afternoon service from Honiara to Brisbane.

“Nauru Airlines is pleased to be building this further new link to and from Brisbane, in addition to Nauru Airlines current connections from Honiara through to Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia,” Nauru Airlines CEO Geoff Bowmaker said.

Nauru Airlines eyes B737NextGens for fleet renewal

Speaking to CAPA, Bowden said Nauru Airlines was currently studying older model B737NextGen aircraft to replace its older B737 Classic fleet which, at present, constitutes four B737-300s and one B737-300(F). With lease/buy options under consideration, she said the aircraft could arrive by the end of 2018.

In addition, management is also looking at converting one of its B737-300s into a freighter to meet cargo demand. Given these changes, Bowden expects Nauru Airlines' fleet to include two B737-300s, two B737-300(F)s, and one used B737NG by the end of 2018.

Nauru Airlines considering adding another freighter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Geoff Bowmaker, told the Courrier Mail in an interview: “We carry a lot of cargo. Nauru produces nothing so everything has to be imported”.

The South Pacific island's troubled economy, with an unemployment rate of 90%, has a negative trade balance of USD80.5 million in net imports. Prefabricated building parts constitute the bulk of its import basket followed by cars, processed foodstuffs, and consumer electronics.

Aviation firm cleared for take-off after Nauru deal

ASC will service the five 737s operated by the flag carrier of the Pacific Island nation from a new aircraft service hangar at Brisbane Airport.

Nauru Airlines chief executive Geoff Bowmaker said the company’s aircraft had previously been maintained by Qantas and Toll but with an expanded fleet, including a freighter aircraft, a dedicated facility was needed.

Nauru Airlines Opens Hangar in Brisbane

Nauru Media Bureau reports the facility is located at 89 Pandanus Avenue, Brisbane Airport.

It has a car park area and is easy to find as the name Nauru Airline is visible when following the road. Inside the facility, there are offices for the workers including a maintenance area for the aircraft and spare parts.

It is a big day for Nauru Airlines Corporation and a proud moment for CEO Geoff Bowmaker as it is another accomplishment for the corporation in terms of development.

Invited guest Reverend Rodger Mwareow did the honours in blessing the facility.

Nauru Airlines to expand service to central Pacific

Islands Business reports the small operator has expanded services since 2005 and now operates five aircraft on a number of routes.

Geoff Bowmaker, CEO of Nauru Airlines, said the airline had extended services in the region and would conduct further studies before making decisions on further expansion.

“Our (market) research will continue and we’re looking at extending services in the Central Pacific,” Bowman said.

“There are still some bottlenecks which make it difficult for people to move from the north to the south.”

Nauru Airlines to hire Cabin Crew

The requirements for the positions are as follows:  

·       20 years of age and above.

·       Male or Female.

·       Willing to work a 7 day roster and have extended time away from the home base of Nauru.

·       The work place environment includes long periods on board the aircraft.

·       Required to attend to other duties on ground as instructed or directed by your Supervisor.

·       Good physical & mental health and well-being.

·       Body weight and height to be in proportion.

Nauru Airlines to assist the relief effort for Fiji

These will cover this Saturday, Sunday and Monday, a total of three flights from Brisbane to Nadi

We expect more requests next week, in-between our other work.

“It is great that Nauru can assist Fiji in this way and when this help is much needed” said Nauru Airlines CEO today


New air links in the Northern Pacific

Effective 01 January 2016, Nauru Airlines northbound flights operating via Honiara every Friday will allow travellers seamless connections on ‘same plane’ services through to Nauru, Tarawa, Majuro, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk.

Southbound flights operational every Sunday will offer the same inter-island connections.

Nauru Airlines will operate a Boeing B737-300 aircraft on the new route.

Nauru announces new Central Pacific air links

The service, starting today will see Nauru Airlines northbound flights operating via Honiara every Friday linking to Nauru, Tarawa, Majuro, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk.

Nauru Airlines chief executive, Geof Bowmaker, says the service would provide immense benefits for the travelling public and cargo operators in the region.