Nauru Airlines

New international airline for Tonga through Nauru partnership

Real Tonga offers domestic flights throughout the Tongan islands, while Nauru Airlines, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in February, currently services seven countries across the Pacific with its fleet of five aircraft.

Managing Director of Real Tonga Tevita Palu said the new arrangement introduces the commencement of international operations which to date have been serviced by foreign carriers.

Nauru Airlines in exciting new era of growth and success

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Tuesday announced the results from the biennial audit, which took place over the last week. A statement issued by the airline’s board revealed, “It was a very comprehensive and professional audit and resulted in a satisfactory outcome, of which all staff can be proud.”

Mr Adeang explained the audit had been scheduled since early December and is an instrumental part of operating any airline to ensure safety and accountability.

Nauru Airlines joins Amadeus Global Distribution System

“This is a great step for Nauru Airlines as it means travel agents from all over the world now have various options to help their customers book flights with Nauru Airlines,” Nauru Airlines Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Miller, said.

“Not only to we expect that joining the GDS will allow more customers to use our services by booking via travel agents, but we are hopeful that this step will expand our brand awareness on a global scale.

Summer in the Central Pacific reaches new altitude

As the Central Pacific readies itself for more tourists and inter-island travel, Nauru Airlines has found an easy solution for those wishing to travel throughout the region for shopping, visiting relatives and friends, study and holidaying.

Nauru Airlines Chief Executive Officer Peter Sheehan said that the airline was excited to begin new services between Fiji, Nauru and the nations of Kiribati and Republic of Marshall Islands.

Nauru Airlines sets new flight path with CEO appointment

Nauru Airlines chairman Trevor Jensen said Mr Sheehan, who will commence on July 16, would lead the airline through an exciting stage of opportunity and growth.

“Nauru Airlines has become a leader in aviation in the Pacific, providing passenger, freight and charter services throughout the region,” Mr Jensen said.

“The board has recently developed a strategic plan that requires a CEO and leadership team to capitalise on the market opportunities that are available to Nauru Airlines, and to build our brand, our performance, and maintain our outstanding safety record.

Nauru Airlines secures FACP for Guam-Nauru flights

It additionally grants the airline charter rights between any points in Nauru and the United States.

In its application Nauru Airlines says it will offer a 1x weekly round trip between Nauru and Guam aboard a B737-300 aircraft in mixed business and economy configuration, with a total yearly capacity of 5000 passengers.

Nauru Airlines extends Honiara service

Residents and visitors to and from the Solomon Islands will have the choice of early travel to Honiara from Brisbane on Fridays and a Sunday afternoon service from Honiara to Brisbane.

“Nauru Airlines is pleased to be building this further new link to and from Brisbane, in addition to Nauru Airlines current connections from Honiara through to Nauru, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia,” Nauru Airlines CEO Geoff Bowmaker said.

Nauru Airlines eyes B737NextGens for fleet renewal

Speaking to CAPA, Bowden said Nauru Airlines was currently studying older model B737NextGen aircraft to replace its older B737 Classic fleet which, at present, constitutes four B737-300s and one B737-300(F). With lease/buy options under consideration, she said the aircraft could arrive by the end of 2018.

In addition, management is also looking at converting one of its B737-300s into a freighter to meet cargo demand. Given these changes, Bowden expects Nauru Airlines' fleet to include two B737-300s, two B737-300(F)s, and one used B737NG by the end of 2018.

Nauru Airlines considering adding another freighter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Geoff Bowmaker, told the Courrier Mail in an interview: “We carry a lot of cargo. Nauru produces nothing so everything has to be imported”.

The South Pacific island's troubled economy, with an unemployment rate of 90%, has a negative trade balance of USD80.5 million in net imports. Prefabricated building parts constitute the bulk of its import basket followed by cars, processed foodstuffs, and consumer electronics.

Aviation firm cleared for take-off after Nauru deal

ASC will service the five 737s operated by the flag carrier of the Pacific Island nation from a new aircraft service hangar at Brisbane Airport.

Nauru Airlines chief executive Geoff Bowmaker said the company’s aircraft had previously been maintained by Qantas and Toll but with an expanded fleet, including a freighter aircraft, a dedicated facility was needed.