Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

New footage shows Erdogan watching Washington brawl

Erdogan, who met with US President Donald Trump at the White House just hours before the fighting broke out on Tuesday, briefly witnessed the brawl in which nine people were left requiring hospital treatment.

A video shows the Turkish President standing near his car as the fighting ensued, before turning his back and walking into the embassy.

Putin mends broken relations with Turkey's Erdogan

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russian trade sanctions on Turkey would be phased out "step by step".

"The priority is to get back to the pre-crisis level of co-operation," he told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St Petersburg.

Their relations soured last November when Turkey shot down a Russian bomber on the Syrian border.

It is Mr Erdogan's first foreign visit since an attempted coup last month. He has since launched a far-reaching purge of the armed forces and other state institutions.

Turkey's President Erdogan in St Petersburg to 'reset' Russia ties

It is Mr Erdogan's first foreign visit since an attempted coup last month.

Relations between the two countries were plunged into crisis last year when Turkey shot down a Russian military jet on the Syrian border.

The visit comes as Turkey's ties with the West have cooled over criticism of a crackdown on alleged coup-plotters.

Before leaving Turkey, Mr Erdogan referred to President Putin as his "friend" and said he wanted to open a new page in relations with Russia.

Turkey 'cleanses' security forces with iron fist after failed coup

Just days after a failed military coup that broke out into deadly violence, talks of reintroducing the death penalty have revived and thousands have been arrested, many of whom were detained in horse stables, stripped to the waist in humiliation.

Erdogan is wasting no time to "cleanse" the country's security forces of "viruses," as he put it, vowing that those behind the attempt to overthrow his government "will pay a very heavy price for this act of treason."