Transgender military ban

Judge blocks Trump's transgender military ban

District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly overruled a presidential memo issued by Mr Trump, which sought to reverse an Obama administration policy change.

Ms Kollar-Kotelly's injunction returns the US military to the status quo - allowing transgender personnel to serve openly and new recruits to join up.

The case was filed against in August by a group of unnamed plaintiffs.

Trump administration sued over transgender military ban

The case was filed on behalf of six serving transgender members of the armed forces.

Mr Trump signed a memo to reinstate a ban on transgender people serving on Friday, after announcing it on Twitter last month.

The policy was lifted by Barack Obama's administration last year.

The ACLU argues that the ban is discriminatory and violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection.

It described the ban as "cruel" and being based on "myths and stereotypes" and a "desire to harm transgender people".