Syrian refugee

Syrian refugee gets top results at Australian school

But Saad Al-Kaab wasn't always the best student.

"I was actually, before the war, that boy who would say 'I wish I could never go to school again'," he tells Newsbeat. "My wish came true and it was shocking. I actually felt guilty."

Saad was 14 years old when the civil war started in his country in 2011.

He later fled Syria with his family to live in Melbourne, sponsored by his uncle.

But for two years, he didn't go to school as public buildings were turned into refugee camps or army bases.

Syrian refugee becomes wedding-day hero for Canadian couple

While Jo Du was getting ready for her wedding ceremony last weekend in Ontario, Canada, a tooth on the zipper of her dress snapped. Sure, a lot can go wrong on such a big day, but not being able to actually close a wedding dress seems like a particularly bad bit of luck.

Members of the wedding party raced to a neighbor's house to see if they could locate a pair of pliers and MacGyver the dress back on. To their surprise, they found the neighbor, David Hobson, had recently taken in a family of Syrian refugees -- and the father of the family, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, was a tailor.

Gay Syrian refugee found beheaded, mutilated in Turkey

Wisam, who arrived in Istanbul about a year ago after fleeing Syria, went missing on July 23 and was found two days later in the city's Yenikapi district.

He previously had been threatened, kidnapped and raped, according to Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (KAOS GL), a Turkey-based rights group. CNN is not using the victim's last name out of concern for his family's safety.

Syrian tripped by Hungarian journalist heading to Spain

Luiz Miguel Pedraza of the CENAFE school that trains soccer coaches says Osama Abdul Mohsen is on a train expected to arrive in Madrid at midnight Wednesday, accompanied by a graduate of the school.

Pedraza said Mohsen will stay near the school's facility in Getafe.

Mohsen was a soccer coach in Syria. The school wants to find him a job in soccer but he first needs to learn Spanish.

McCain displays photo of dead Syrian boy on Senate floor

McCain, a Republican, stood next to an enlarged, close-up photo of Aylan Kurdi, who drowned along with his 5-year-old brother and mother when their small rubber boat capsized as it headed for Greece. 

McCain said the photo has "opened the world's eye to this devastating crisis."

McCain said it should haunt Americans that "the United States will continue to do nothing meaningful" about conflicts like that in Syria that have led to a surge in refugees.