Spotify is giving away a free Chromecast to first-time subscribers

The music streaming service is giving away a free Chromecast to first-time subscribers who take out a three-month subscription.

The deal is valid in the UK and US until February 28, but anyone who has held a premium account in the past does not qualify for the freebie.

Spotify has launched the promotion at a time when TIDAL is shooting up the App Store charts thanks to its exclusivity deal on Kanye West's Life of Pablo.

Meanwhile, Apple Music has emerged as a credible threat to Spotify's dominance, having reached 11 million paying customers in its first year.

The Beatles's most-streamed songs on Spotify revealed

Of course, other streaming services may vary, but on Spotify the most streamed track in both the US and the UK was 'Come Together', taken from 1969's Abbey Road, Billboard reports.

The top 10 Beatles tracks in the US are as follows:

1. 'Come Together'

2. 'Hey Jude'

3. 'Here Comes The Sun'

4. 'Let It Be'

5. 'Twist And Shout'

6. 'Blackbird'

7. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'

8. 'In My Life'

9. 'She Loves You'

10. 'Help!'

Ed Sullivan with The Beatles

Bieber bests One Direction's Spotify record with new single

Spotify said Thursday that Bieber's "What Do You Mean" was streamed more than 21 million streams in just five days.

The song sets a new record in the U.S. and globally, and surpassed the 20 million streams that One Direction's "Drag Me Down" launched in its debut week.

Bieber performed the song at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards and cried after the performance.

Napster:Spotify's free streaming model isn't sustainable

A spokesperson for the firm told TechRadar that there is no future in freemium streaming because the business model is not sustainable.

"In terms of Spotify, there is no evidence that their 'freemium' business model is sustainable, as their numbers for the last two years show," said Napster in a statement.

Napster, which has around three million premium customers, also took a thinly-veiled pop at Apple Music and its Zane Lowe-curated Beats 1 Radio service.

Amazon insists it's not competing with Apple Music

Instead, the retail giant turned service provider has claimed it is looking to further enhance the overall experience of existing Prime customers.