Same sex marriage

Same-sex marriage plebiscite: Labor indicates it could block vote

But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he still believes Labor will support legislation in Parliament to establish the nation-wide vote.

Labor and the Greens have voiced concerns about the cost of the plebiscite, as well as the prospect of a potentially divisive public debate on the issue.

2000 same sex weddings in three years

The bill legalising same-sex marriage passed its final reading in Parliament in April, 2013, and came into effect on 19 August, 2013.

Cook Islands PM not jumping on same-sex bandwagon

His comments come in response to the United Nations new campaign calling for action on homophobia and transphobia in the Pacific Islands.

Puna says the Cook Islands shouldn’t just follow what the UN or the international community is doing.

“We have our own community here, and we need to be guided by our own people as to what we want to do in response to those pressures.”

The UN is hoping governments in the Pacific will adopt active measures to make sure people’s perception of LGBTIs change, for example by working closely with schools and health care facilities.