Rape case

NZ players detained over rape allegations

The six players are all with France's Grenoble club. French media reports said the New Zealanders were former Sevens and Waikato player Rory Grice and former Marlbrough player Dylan Hayes.

Grenoble newspaper Le Dauphine Libere said it had spoken to Grice's layer, Philip Fitzgerald, who said Grice was "anxious to answer police questions about the case". He reminded the newspaper to remember the presumption of innocence.

Mr Fitzgerald said Grice remained in custody.

Hayes had left the police station, according to this lawyer, the newspaper said.

Former Southland Stags player jailed for rape of young Australian girl

Wells was sentenced on Thursday after being found guilty of the rape in a trial which revealed a dark off-field life involving drug and alcohol addictions mixed in with wild group sex romps. 

On Wells' 45th birthday in July, 2015, his sometimes sex partner, Theresa Anne Blair, plied a 14-year-old girl with alcohol and cannabis before raping her.

Blair had sat on the girl's chest so the victim wouldn't move as she was being sexually assaulted by Wells, Australian newspaper The Newcastle Herald said in their reporting of the trial.

Judge to woman in rape case: 'Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?'

Federal Court Judge Robin Camp is in the midst of a week-long judicial council hearing, which will determine whether he ought to be booted from his position.

The case in question took place in 2014 when Camp was a provincial court judge. (He became a Federal Judge last year.)

The 19-year-old woman said she was raped over a bathroom sink during a house party.

Nate Parker 'devastated' over rape case

Parker was charged with rape while a student at Penn State in 1999. He was acquitted, and the accuser committed suicide in 2012 at the age of 30.

Late Tuesday, Parker took to Facebook to express his feelings "from my heart and not filtered through a third party gaze."