Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

Unique opportunities anticipated in PNG’s telecom sector

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the deal, which was signed two years ago, is part of the Government’s investment in undersea cabling.

During the October 31st Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the undersea cabling projects will create unique opportunities in the telecommunications sector.

“It can be noted that when Digicel increased investment in this sector, our GDP increased by 1 percent,” he told attendees during the breakfast at Hilton Hotel.

20 PNGDF platoons in SHP: Col Numa

Following Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s orders for the PNGDF to initiate immediate response to the earthquake yesterday, PNGDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Raymond Numa, has confirmed the presence of troops on ground.

Col Numa said PNGDF personnel are stationed exclusively in Southern Highlands, Enga and Hela provinces, while the headquarters is based in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

Service disruption in PNG’s Hela Province

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred at 03:44 am on Monday (26 February) in the Southern Highlands region, about 30km South of Tari and about 40km North-West of Lake Kutubu.

Governor for Hela Province, Philip Undialu, told this newsroom that an unconfirmed number of people have been injured while communication with authorities in Hela, located in the Highlands region, has been lost.

Undialu said health and education infrastructure have also been damaged and the province is looking at a temporary shutdown of vital services until further notice.

Trial on PM’s arrest warrant review completed

The issue in the judicial review proceeding was for the National Court to review the decision of Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim, who issued a warrant of arrest against the Prime Minister on June 12, 2014.

The review was filed by Geoffrey Vaki in his capacity as the then Police Commissioner on June 14, 2014.

On July 28, 2014, leave was granted by the National Court to Vaki for a judicial review to be conducted against the decision of the Chief Magistrate on June 12, 2014.

O’Neill thanks US military for support

Meeting with United States Navy Admiral Harry Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, in Port Moresby this week, O’Neill said APEC security is a joint operation for every APEC host economy.

He says cooperation is taking place with security partners at the highest level.

The thousands of international visitors who visit Papua New Guinea in 2018 will experience one of the most diverse cultures in the world in a secure environment that will enable important discussions to take place.

OC asks to add more materials for reference

The application was moved by Ombudsman Commission Lawyer Vergil Narokobi, which resulted in the court deferring the hearing of the actual reference to a later date.

The application asked the five-man Supreme Court bench to allow the Ombudsman Commission to include additional materials or facts into the reference book, to assist the court in its deliberation.

Filed on Oct 26 this year, the application asked the court to add three sets of facts containing materials which the Ombudsman Commission says is necessary for the full court to have.

Globalisation not beneficial for all: O’Neill

Meeting in Lima, Peru, under the theme of ‘Quality Growth and Human Development’, APEC Leaders have committed to maintain focus on advancing free trade.

As part of this commitment, Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said APEC will continue to take into account the circumstances of all economies in the region and recognise that not all elements of globalisation are beneficial for all people.

Any recognition for retired founding fathers?

Sinesine-Yongomugl MP, Kerenga Kua, said Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, who is retiring after more than 40 years in politics, and former leader Sir Peter Lus, who also served around 40 years in politics, deserve recognition as a form of “luksave” according to PNG custom.

Bai yumi gat sampla spesol luksave igo long Sir Peter Lus na Sir Michael Somare taim em ba pinis long displa term or nogat?

Polye calls Government ‘economy illiterate leaders’

He made the statement after being heckled by the Government caucus when questioning Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the financing of APEC 2018 in PNG.

Polye asked O’Neill on the actual figure the Government was spending on the APEC Summit and was moving to his second question when the government coalition interjected with comments and boos.

“Shut up and listen!” shouted Polye.

He further stated: “You don’t understand the economy, you listen. You economy illiterate leaders in this house.”

O’Neill announces Graham as new Kumul Minerals chairman

O’Neill said the appointment comes at a time when the Government is fully realising its strategy to restructure and streamline the management of its assets in order to maximise efficiency and shareholder gain.

“As the trustee shareholder of Kumul Minerals, and on behalf of the State as beneficial shareholder, I have every confidence in the leadership of Mr. Graham,” PM O’Neill said.

“Kumul Minerals will benefit immensely from Mr. Graham’s extensive experience and knowledge of the extractive industry.