Pacific Media Network

Pacific Media Network adopts menopause/menstrual leave

And while workplaces around the world have introduced these policies into their own sites, here in Aotearoa Pacific Media Network (PMN) is the first company to institute Menopause and Menstrual paid leave. 

It comes after the union members of the organisation held a meeting to discuss what they wanted to change about their work conditions.

The suggestion was made by a few of the network’s on-air announcers who were discussing period-related topics on their show. 

NZ-based 531pi to be broadcast to Pacific

Sara-Jane Elika, Interim CEO of PMN says: “Over the last year, our talanoa with Pasifika TV has focused on expanding the reach of our content given our close links with the Pacific region.

“The first opportunity came through the Pacific Divas National Identity showcase and now we look to a phased approach with our Breakfast shows being the first of many audio feeds to come.

“It is a very exciting time”.