New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan

Sir Julius questions high nomination fee

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan questioned the government’s proposal to increase the nomination fee, from K1000 to K10,000, during a media conference on Friday.

“What is the average income of Papua New Guinea? Is it K10,000?

“If you say that the average income is K4000 or K5000 then we are wiping out these people completely.

“When the masses are below an average income, and if you put it too high, then you are robbing them of an opportunity,” says Sir J.

Government is bankrupt, claims Sir Julius

The definition of wealth, he says, is when people are rich, self-reliant and have improved living standards.

However, the Government keeps on borrowing money to repay loans while funding projects at the same time, claims the former prime minister.

He says we need good leaders who can lead during these difficult times and into the future.

Sir Julius made these remarks on Tuesday, during the launching of Kavieng district’s ward trucks, tractors and cooking ovens at the Kopkop showground.