NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi

Turi questions second group of investigators

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says he only authorised the first group of investigators who started working on the case after the robbery.

“I did not sanction the second group. I don’t know who authorised them.”

Turi says the new group of investigators just showed up and took over the case, accusing the initial investigators of being compromised.

However, the Met Supt alleges that the new investigators were previously involved in a high profile money case that is yet to be resolved.

Police issued weapon used in Baruni killing

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says two key suspects were apprehended after the robbery on Nov 3 and later released.

Unfortunately, one of them was found dead with two bullet wounds to his head last Monday.

Turi told Loop PNG the recovered bullet shell matches those that are used in police and military issued firearms.

“The bullet is from 5.56mm rifles used by police and army,” he explains.

However, he was not able to confirm whether the suspect was killed by rogue officers or criminals.

NCD police ready for FIFA

Speaking to Loop PNG today, NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says operational orders have been given out.

He adds that all of the respective metropolitan stations are now out in full operations to ensure that the FIFA event runs smoothly.

Turi is confident that the city will cooperate to ensure that all visitors are made welcome and enjoy their stay here.

He says foot beats to road checks, as well random vehicle stops, are now being carried out in Port Moresby.