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Tourism needs leadership and foresight: PNG TPA

“People must fully embrace the importance of culture and tourism for tourism to flourish,” says the Authority in a statement.

“PNG is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth, gold, copper, oil, gas, fishing, timber, etc.

“However, the greatest gift the Good Lord has given to us is our culture and traditions. No one country in the world can beat us.

“In fact, the National Geographic has just named PNG as one of the top ‘cultural destinations’ in the world. This just confirms PNG as the ‘Cultural Capital of the World’.”

What climate change deniers, like Donald Trump, believe

He pledged to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which leading nations signed in April, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Donald Trump doesn't believe global warming is a real threat to the USA.

He tweeted his opinions on the matter in 2012 and 2014, although later denied his tweets, when challenged by Hillary Clinton.

National Geographic's 'Afghan Girl' denied bail in Pakistan

Sharbat Gula, now in her 40s, is under arrest in Pakistan for falsifying documents and staying illegally in the country.

"The petition filed in the special court was dismissed," her lawyer Mubasher Nazar said.

Gila, whose striking green eyes in a National Geographic cover photo made her face known around the world, was 12 when photographer Steve McCurry captured his iconic image of her living in a refugee camp for Afghan nationals in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Gula -- also known as Sharbat Bibi -- was arrested in Peshawar last week.