Jonah Lomu

Lomus choose France, not NZ

The late Jonah Lomu's young sons Dhyreille and Brayley are in Europe supporting France in their bid for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. And the pair made a startling admission to French Newspaper Le Parisien. They'd choose to play for France over the All Blacks.

Asked by Le Parisien if they were ready to become All Blacks in future, they replied in unison: "No, we want to play for France." Not what you want to hear from the young sons of one of our greatest All Black wingers, is it?

Family rift over Jonah Lomu’s grave

Nadene Lomu told the Herald she went to the grave today, where she met Hepi Lomu, and made the discovery that flowers and other tokens left by the couple’s sons had been removed.

Hepi Lomu told TV3 she had moved flowers from the grave because it was sinking and needed to be filled by staff at the Manukau Memorial Gardens.

Nadene Lomu reveals theft from Jonah Lomu's grave

In an emotional Facebook post, Lomu said "it saddens me that our sons things they choose for you keep being taken off & taken away from yr place of rest".

She said "a child's love is innocent & pure", and said the removal of the tokens from the grave of the legendary All Black rugby player had hurt her two sons.

Lomu paid thousands for dialysis during UK tour

Lomu died suddenly last November, aged 40, after suffering for many years from a chronic and serious kidney disorder.

He had just returned from the hectic speaking and publicity tour that coincided with the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Jonah Lomu's wife thanks the country for support

"Thank you to New Zealand and the world for the support and love you have shown both my sons Brayley and Dhyreille on the passing of their Daddy.

"While this is a hard time for us, I am grateful for the support from all of you that have over the last week spared a thought for our family."


Lomu's situation a lesson for young players

Lomu died on 18 November aged 40, most likely from a blood clot following long-distance travel.

He had suffered kidney problems since 1995 - the year he burst onto the international stage with his blinding form in the Rugby World Cup, in a performance credited with helping to turn the sport professional.

Jonah Lomu died with little money - independent trust set up for sons Dhyreille and Brayley

Lomu died last month aged 40 after a long battle with kidney problems.

It has emerged that the former All Blacks wing, the biggest name in rugby, died with few financial assets.


Ed Sheeran wears Jonah Lomu's All Blacks jersey at Mt Smart concert

After his first song, Sheeran turned around around to pick up his second guitar, revealing the legend's number across his back. The crowd erupted.

Saturday night marks Sheeran's last concert after four-and-a-half years touring, as he takes a break to get ear surgery.

One final haka as New Zealand bids emotional farewell to Jonah Lomu

On arrival at the stadium for a service to celebrate the life of Jonah Lomu, the public were handed black paper flags with a silver fern on one side and the number 11 on the other. Lomu’s two young sons, Brayley and Dhyreille, wore on their backs the 11 that their father made his own as an All Black winger, as did many of the pallbearers. The stage in the centre of the ground was draped on each side in a giant purple 11, the Tongan colour of mourning. Even the rugby posts, specially reinstalled on a warm, overcast summer day, poked 11s into the sky.

John Campbell to MC Jonah Lomu's Eden Park memorial service

A public memorial will be held to remember Lomu on Monday, November 30, at Eden Park from 1pm.