Ed Sheeran wears Jonah Lomu's All Blacks jersey at Mt Smart concert

British musician Ed Sheeran has paid tribute to Jonah Lomu, taking the stage at Auckland's Mt Smart in a number 11 All Blacks jersey.

After his first song, Sheeran turned around around to pick up his second guitar, revealing the legend's number across his back. The crowd erupted.

Saturday night marks Sheeran's last concert after four-and-a-half years touring, as he takes a break to get ear surgery.

"One more show on the Multiply tour then I'm buggering off for a while," he tweeted on Saturday evening.

"What a way to end it!"

Sheeran burst his ear drum druing a recent boating trip in Spain and will undergo an operation in January.

He was planning to take a hiatus following the end of his world tour already, but will now spend part of it in recovery.