Israel-Gaza conflict

Israel-Gaza conflict: Fiji's former leader and humanitarian groups criticise Pacific vote against UN resolution

The UN adopted a resolution over the weekend on the "protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations" in relation to the ongoing Gaza crisis.

The vote passed with 120 nations, including New Zealand and Solomon Islands voting in favour. However, the majority of Pacific states voted against - siding with the United States, Israel and United Kingdom.

Petrol prices may stay high with Israel-Gaza conflict - Infometrics

Oil prices jumped by more than $3 a barrel overnight due to concerns the conflict would disrupt output from the Middle East.

Infometrics principal economist Brad Olsen said that was not a massive spike, but it would put more pressure on the price of petrol.

"We're not expecting a particularly big shift at the pump, but certainly a lot of underlying pressure that means we are likely to see fuel prices drop back a lot and there's certainly a risk that fuel prices could advance further and remain well above that $3 mark."