Hilary Clinton

Clinton to launch 'resistance' PAC

Clinton, according to the sources, is currently working with former aides and donors to build an organization that will look to fund and invest in groups that have impressed her since her 2016 election loss.

Miley Cyrus breaks down over the US election result

The singer starts crying about the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.

Despite the polls predicting a Democrat win, Republican Donald Trump will now become 45th US president.

Between sobs, Miley urges him to "treat people with love and treat people with compassion".

"I've been very vocal about my support for everyone - except Donald Trump", she tells the camera.

"[I] Heavily supported Bernie, [I] Heavily supported Hillary.

Trump threatens to jail Clinton if he wins election

"If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your (missing email) situation," Trump said, "because there has never been so many lies, so much deception."

Trump's threat -- which he has made before on the campaign trail -- is extraordinary even by the standard of the vitriolic 2016 campaign.

Trump, Clinton wage scorched-earth debate

Trump's campaign was in free fall when he entered the debate hall Sunday night, reeling from the revelation of a 2005 video in which he spoke of women in lewd and sexually aggressive terms. The video sparked a dramatic rebuke of Trump, with dozens of Republicans in Washington and around the country saying the billionaire should step aside and let his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, lead the GOP ticket.

The icy tone was set early when decades of tradition eroded as Trump and Clinton declined to shake each other's hand.

Bush's daughter attends Clinton fundraiser in Paris

Bush posed for a picture with Huma Abedin, the longtime Clinton aide who was hosting the fundraiserwith Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

The photo was then posted by multiple event attendees, including Lauren Santo Domingo, co-founder of the online fashion website Moda Operandi, who included the hashtag "#imwithher."

Trump on Clinton: 'I can be nastier than she ever can be'

"She's nasty," Trump told The New York Times in an interview published Friday night, "but I can be nastier than she ever can be."

The comments were part of a wide ranging interview in which Trump also touched upon his marriages, his recent late-night Twitter rant and his performance at the first presidential debate.

Madonna takes off her clothes, endorses Hillary Clinton

The 58-year-old star took to Twitter to post a racy snap with the caption “[I’m] voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She's the Best we got! Nude Voting series # 1.”

She also stood up for Rosie O’Donnell, who has been in a heated feud with republican candidate Donald Trump.

Madonna’s nude snap came on the heels of Perry’s “Funny or Die” video that showed the “Rise” singer heading to polls and stripping down.

Chelsea Clinton: Trump's infidelity comment a 'distraction'

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine published Tuesday, the former first daughter said she was unmoved by the subject, which Trump alluded to in the final moments of Monday's first presidential debate and then more directly to reporters after the event.

Presidential debate: Trump-Clinton showdown breaks TV record

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan's debate in 1980 drew 80.6 million viewers.The viewing figures only count those who watched the debate on the 13 US TV channels that carried it live, meaning the true figure may be much higher.

Millions are also thought to have watched worldwide through online live streams or in bars and at parties.

Presidential debate 2016: Four ways gender played a role

But Trump never openly insulted Clinton, never called her "Crooked Hillary", nor did he cross the stage at any point, as a former senate opponent famously did with Clinton in 2000 - a move that was seen as physically intimidating towards a female candidate.

Despite that, gender and sexism did feature prominently during several exchanges in the debate, and in the initial feedback on the candidates' performance on social media.


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