Denver family wows neighbourhood with snow art

Morn Mosley and his five siblings spent ten hours working on this year's model of a snake which has delighted locals.

The family's work gained popularity in 2019 after their tiger sculpture was widely shared on local media.

The snake measures some 77 feet (23 metres) long and is in the front garden of his mother's house.

Video footage shared on social media by Mr Mosley shows the effort the group went to to create the snake.

The group created the shape of the animal before using spray paint to add colour and shading.

Denver Test appears certain to go ahead

RLIF chairman John Grant was invited to attend the NRL CEO's meeting, along with representatives of the NZRL and England's Rugby Football League, to discuss with clubs and the RLPA concerns about the flight time and recovery process for players in the Test.

The RLPA is still working through some issues with the countries but there is an acceptance that the Test will go ahead after the NZRL outlined details of the insurance coverage and medical processes for Kiwis players.

Authorities seek school administrator charged with sex abuse

But there was more to his background: an arrest record that includes child sex abuse charges and a domestic violence accusation that only emerged publicly after his recent resignation from his post last week in Albuquerque.