Christmas - 2016

How to be a good friend this Christmas, by a Samaritans volunteer

But the reality for many people is nothing like this - and you might find your friends turning to you for help.

"For a lot of our callers, every day is a struggle, but Christmas can be more of a struggle than usual," says Samaritans volunteer Nadine Barr.

Here's how she recommends you support the people you love.


Samaritans takes over 5.4 million calls every year, and Nadine says bereavement, loneliness and money are all common problems for people at this time of year.

Beyoncé, Kris Jenner and more reveal glamorous holiday decor

Several A-list stars have taken to social media to show off their holiday decor.

Beyoncé posted a video montage on Instagram, complete with a pink tree just for her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Kris Jenner brought fans into her Calabasas mansion and debuted a giant Christmas tree with over-the-top trimmings. Who knew you could get nutcrackers that big? Jenner's eldest daughter, Kourtney Kardashian posted three videos revealing that each of her children had their very own tree.

How White House staff pranked President Obama with snowmen

"There's a whole kind of Chucky element to them. They're a little creepy," he told People Magazine.

When First Lady Michelle joked about putting one in their bedroom Mr Obama said he would move out if he saw one there.

But that didn't stop White House staff having a go at scaring him.

Official White House photographer Pete Souza explained the prank on his Instagram page.

Bill Gates was her secret Santa, and it was as awesome as you'd think

A Reddit user named Aerrix says the world's richest man -- worth a cool $75 billion, in case you've forgotten -- sent her gifts last week through Reddit's Secret Santa Gift exchange.