Australia's High Court

Qantas illegally fired 1,700 workers at start of pandemic, court rules

The court unanimously upheld that the carrier had unlawfully laid off staff at 10 airports in 2020.

The ruling found that Qantas breached Australia's Fair Work Act, which protects employee rights.

Qantas said the outsourcing was a necessary financial measure.

The airline has faced public outrage in recent weeks, after reaping record profits despite a series of scandals related to its actions throughout the pandemic.

Australia same-sex marriage survey to go ahead

The Federal Government has welcomed the High Court ruling, saying the survey would continue as planned and the final result would be declared by the chief statistician at 11.30am on 15 November.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged all eligible Australians to vote in the survey.

"This is a great example where every Australian can have a say and we can, as a Commonwealth of Australia, embrace this important social change, consider it and make a decision," Mr Turnbull told Parliament after the decision was handed down.