Australian Opposition Leader

Australian opposition leader tests positive for Covid-19 amid election campaign

Albanese said he would continue campaigning from home in Sydney for the next week while he recovers from the virus.

The Labour leader spent Thursday campaigning on the defensive in the marginal seat of Gilmore, on the NSW south coast, after taking part in a leaders' debate in Brisbane last night.

He has been taking PCR tests regularly and unlike Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has not had Covid-19 before.

Australian Labor party rejects 'racist' advert claim

Mr Shorten's centre-left Australian Labor Party (ALP) vowed to "employ Australians first" in the advert released on Sunday.

However, the video was widely criticised for the people it chose to feature, a majority of whom were white.

Mr Shorten denied racism, but conceded the video lacked diversity.

Another Labor frontbencher, Anthony Albanese, described the advert as a "shocker" and said it should "never have been produced".


Immediate backlash