Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano calls for a 'sex strike' to protest anti-abortion laws

The actress and activist has proposed a good, old-fashioned sex strike to stand up for women's reproductive rights.

Georgia's new abortion law - among the most restrictive in the United States - will ban abortions after a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, and others states, including Mississippi and Ohio, have passed similar "heartbeat" bills.

Milano posted a call to arms on Friday on Twitter, urging people to abstain in protest.

Alyssa Milano: We can't let Trump and Kavanaugh be America's face

If any number of women are to be believed, and I believe they are, Donald Trump is a sexual predator.

Both Kavanaugh and Trump have denied allegations against them. I wish so deeply that the alleged sexual violence -- and overall cruelty toward those who are vulnerable -- committed by those who wear the mantle of our nation's government began and ended with these two men. It does not. It exists at every level of our national institutions, and even at agencies working on behalf of our government who are tasked with the sacred duty of caring for children.