2015 Miss Pacific Islands - Abigail Havora

Abigail Havora’s final Week as Miss Pacific 2015

Havora boarded the plane today with the rest of team PNG who are travelling to Samoa for the regional pageant.

This will be her final trip as the regional queen and ambassador, a title she had carried since being crowned in Cook Islands, last year.

“I started as a young eager Papua New Guinean and with every opportunity, shone light on the good side of my country,” Havora said.

“How do I unite a region?” was the first question that hit her hard.

But after soul searching, she is confident to tell her successor that it’s all about values.

Team Miss PNG off to Apia, Samoa

The team of more than 10 departed the country at 1:51pm on Virgin Air.

They will fly through Brisbane and then Auckland, New Zealand where they will spend at least 8 hours before continuing to their destination.

They are expected to touch down at the Faleolo International Airport at about 13:55pm tomorrow, Samoan time (9:00 am PNG time).

Miss PNG, Kellyanne Limbiye and Miss Pacific Abigail Havora will be stepping out fully dressed with their crowns and sash.

“I am super excited, nervous, just full of emotions right now,” Limbiye said.