Over 300 lifters participate in NORI Cup 2021

A total of 380 lifters will be taking part in the annual Nauru National Powerlifting Championship.

The championship is now renamed the NORI Cup 2021 and it will be held at the Sports Complex.

The annual event which has been running for 3 years is being fully and proudly sponsored by Nauru Ocean Resources Inc under its community sports development programme in Nauru.

NORI has provided a grant sponsor of $24,100.

The championship is recognized by the International Powerlifting Federation and Oceania Regional Powerlifting Federation with qualified referees to adjudicate over the course of the event.

The President of Nauru Powerlifting, Horasio Cook said the championship is growing with 385 lifters competing this year compared to over 200 last year. In addition there are lot of senior lifters entering the Master class category compared to none last year.

NORI in-country manager, Peter Jacob thanked the President of Nauru Powerlifting for seeking their support through sport development.

The championship is underway with the men's 53kg sub juniors and juniors including women's 43kg sub junior category.