Over 7400 voters registered to vote in Nauru election

The Nauru Electoral Commission has a total of 7478 voters on the electoral roll.

Of this number 63 percent or about 4700 voters are aged between 20 and 40 years.

According to NEC, 52 percent or about 3800 voters are women.

Electoral Commissioner Joseph Cain said only 1.6 per cent are new citizens.

The Electoral Act provides Auto Registration so that all citizens of Nauru are able to vote.

Under section 50(3) of the Electoral Act, all auto registered voters turning 20 years of age by or on Polling Day which is set for Saturday, 24 August 2019 are required to vote in the Parliamentary General Election.

In a statement, Cain said he has been given a list of 20 new citizens who are entitled to be on the roll.

“Cabinet has approved the list way before roll closes.”

Cain said he will add the names to the roll if they approach him or his office.

According to Cain, these new citizens will choose their district where they will vote.

The draw for candidates position on the ballot paper will take place Wednesday, 14 August 2019.