Operation National Survey Poll underway in Nauru

Nauru Police Force Operations Unit is conducting the Operation National Survey Poll Day this week.

Police will perform their duties assisting Electoral Commissioners and supporting presiding officers in accordance with the Electoral Act 2016.

The Operation continues at the Civic Centre for early voting and at other venues where voters qualify for early voting, expanding to 17 teams around the island on survey day on Saturday 13 November.

Electoral Act 2016, Article 29: Duty of presiding officer

(4) Every presiding officer must keep the peace, and may cause to be removed from a polling station any person who:

(a) obstructs the approaches to a polling station;

(b) wilfully and unnecessarily obstructs the procedures at the polling;

(c) conducts himself or herself in a disorderly way, or causes a disturbance;

(d) wilfully acts in defiance of the lawful directions of the Electoral Commissioner or presiding officer or other officials at the polling station, or

(e) is unlawfully present within the polling station.

Article 30: Police to assist

(1) The Electoral Commissioner may request the Commissioner of Police or any police officer to provide assistance in the conduct of elections at the polling stations and during the scrutiny and counting of ballot papers.

(2) All police officers must, when circumstances demand, assist the Electoral Commissioner, Deputy Electoral Commissioners, presiding officers and election officials in maintaining order and security at polling stations and at the scrutiny and count of ballot papers.

Voting is compulsory, and Police are advising the public to slow down near polling booths as there could be traffic congestion.


Photo supplied Nauru Police Force