Nauru Police

Operation National Survey Poll underway in Nauru

Police will perform their duties assisting Electoral Commissioners and supporting presiding officers in accordance with the Electoral Act 2016.

The Operation continues at the Civic Centre for early voting and at other venues where voters qualify for early voting, expanding to 17 teams around the island on survey day on Saturday 13 November.

Electoral Act 2016, Article 29: Duty of presiding officer

(4) Every presiding officer must keep the peace, and may cause to be removed from a polling station any person who:

Nauru public urged to report unexploded ordnance bombs immediately

Police said people should immediately evacuate the area and call 110.

The alert was issued in light of the latest tragedy in the Solomon Islands where two more fatalities, and two injured, were recorded due to injuries suffered from the blast of WWII previously unexploded ordnance (UXO) (bombs).

Thousands of UXO are said to remain scattered in the Solomons and other Pacific islands from when US and other Allied troops fought Japanese forces during World War II.

Australia provides vests to Nauru Police frontline operations officers

The hi-vis vests distribute the weight of the equipment and provide back support.

Nauru police said a police duty belt can hold up to 9 kgs of police equipment, including radio, handcuffs and baton, and cause hip and lower back pain over time.

The vests are designed by Cooneen Group of Northern Ireland, garment manufacturers for over 50 years, specializing in protection and defence outfitting.


Photo Nauru Police 


First aid training essential for Nauru Police Force

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the first aid training is essential for Nauru Police as first responders to emergencies that include road accidents and many others.

The 2-day training programme covers theory and practical because it is vital for Nauru Police to know what to do when they attend an incident and apply what they have learned from the training for instance CPR, using the automated external defibrillator and dressing wounds or injuries.

Nauru Police to embark on UN Peace Keeping Mission

Since January and February 2021, Nauru Police has had a number of virtual meetings with relevant high level officials from the UN and Nauru Missions in New York discussing Nauru Police participation in this Mission with the Nauru Government endorsing the Nauru Police Force plans to be part of this peace keeping mission.

Nauru Police officers appointed Liquor Licensing Inspectors

The appointment by President Lionel Aingimea is effective immediately

The Liquor Licensing Inspectors have the powers to enter any licensed premises at any reasonable time and request to see licenses and records to establish compliance.

The Liquor Control Act stipulates that it is an offence to obstruct an authorized officer from entering the premises.

The offence carries a fine of $50,000 or 2-5 years in prison.


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Nauru’s Inspector Capelle on attachment with Fiji Police Force

Inspector Capelle is on attachment with Fiji Police while his wife is pursuing further studies in the country.

He has served in the Nauru Police Force for over 10-years in the field of operations.

The Fiji Police and Nauru Police currently have a Memorandum of Agreement to enhance police-to-police co-operation between the two institutions.


Photo Fiji Police Force Caption: Inspector Brown Capelle attends the training with his Fijian counterparts 


Nauru Police Force Commissioned Officer Course underway

In the opening ceremony, Police Commissioner Iven Notte said the course is now aligned with new laws and regulations.

Nauru Media News- NTV reports, under Commissioner Notte’s leadership, the ‘new’ NPF continually strives to aim higher, meet standards of excellence, and raise the professionalism of its workforce, embracing a program to change corporate culture and mindsets that hold an organisation back from reaching its targets. As mandated, one of these targets is to be the best police force in the Pacific region.

Nauru Police to work with communities on Neighborhood Watch programme

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the Neighborhood Watch is a very important programme for the community and neighbors in looking after and protecting their homes from possible break-ins and thefts.

If for instance a family is going to go out to a family gathering, then a neighbor can look after their home while they are away for a few hours by notifying them of suspicious activity and also reporting to police.

Nauru Police acknowledges community partnership for safe festive season

Nauru Media News- NTV reports communities helped Police in executing their duties and responsibilities during their special roster by reporting drink driving and unruly and unexpected behavior in the community.

It was a challenging period where families and friends gathered to celebrate Christmas and the New Year and there was a lot of movement.

Despite the many events, Commissioner Notte was very pleased and proud to announce that NPF’s mandate of Safety Safety Safety resulted in zero fatality or injuries to persons on the roads either drinking or driving.