Nauru public urged to report unexploded ordnance bombs immediately

Nauru Police Force is calling on the public to report any object they believe is an unexploded ordnance bomb (UXO).

Police said people should immediately evacuate the area and call 110.

The alert was issued in light of the latest tragedy in the Solomon Islands where two more fatalities, and two injured, were recorded due to injuries suffered from the blast of WWII previously unexploded ordnance (UXO) (bombs).

Thousands of UXO are said to remain scattered in the Solomons and other Pacific islands from when US and other Allied troops fought Japanese forces during World War II.

“During that time, large shipments of grenades, ammunition and land mines were brought into the region and, following Japan's withdrawal from Guadalcanal in 1943, tonnes of munitions were left behind — including bombs that were dropped and never detonated,” according to a report by Pacific Beat.

Nauru Police said as the population grows, and more land is cleared for development and housing, UXO is posing a real and deadly threat to lives on Nauru.


Photo: Nauru Heritage and Museum Caption: This UXO was found earlier this month during excavation by NUC.