Nauru observes public holiday to celebrate Ibumin Earoeni

Nauru will be observing a public holiday today to commemorate of Ibumin Earoeni.

The public holiday was declared by President Russ Kun for 7am to 5pm in celebration of Ibumin Earoeni.

A statement said released by the government said “Pursuant to the powers in that behalf vested in me under Section 81 1(k), of the Public Service Act 2016, I, HON. RUSS JOSEPH KUN, MP, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF NAURU, DO HEREBY, declare Monday 21st August, 2023 from 7.00am to 5.00pm to be observed by the officers and employees of the Public Service and its instrumentalities in Celebration of Ibumin Earoeni Day (Day of the Tribes).”

Ibumin Earoeni is also known as the Day of the Tribes, which is a public holiday in the Micronesian island country of Nauru. It is celebrated on August 19 to honor the country’s twelve traditional tribes and matrilineal system.