Nauru Minister’s Cup Marlin Competition hosts over 50 participants

Fifty-four boats competed in the Minister’s Cup Marlin Competition in Nauru.

The Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Authority hosted the event last week to commemorate its 25th anniversary.

The boats launched in the early hours of the morning at 5am and returned before 11am on 9 August. Forty-six boats launched from Boe channel and eight launched from Anibare boat harbor. Twenty-eight boats returned to Anibare boat harbour for weighing purposes.


The winners are as follows.

Single heaviest tuna

1st - Baiyo 42.8 kg yft

2nd - Paroro 41.6 kg yft

3rd - Lloyd 25 kg yft

Overall total

1st - Robbie D 109.4 kg

2nd - Leekum 103.2 kg

3rd - Enun T 70 kg

Skipjack (eae)

1st - Robbie D 8.2 kg

2nd - Leekum 7.8 kg

3rd - Robert 7.6

Wahoo (egow)

Etsid - 11 kg

Douba - 7.4 kg

Other species

1st - Frank, rainbow runner 5 kg

2nd - Bobby, dogtooth tuna 4.6 kg

3rd - Steven, dogtooth tuna 3.2 kg