Nauru holds first narcotics training for health and law enforcement

The Nauru Police Force (NPF) in collaboration with Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducted a drugs training for police and border control personnel on detecting illicit drugs coming into Nauru.

The training was facilitated and funded by ABF as part of ongoing efforts to train and up-skill law enforcement agencies such as the police force, border security personnel and health.

NPF Superintendent Training Kalinda Blake confirmed drugs have been discovered in Nauru and the training is essential for border protection officers.

“The training is important as drugs have been found and confiscated in Nauru, (and) legally officers in our border agencies have not been trained to test the drugs they seize.

“With this training they can use the test kits, analyse, do up a case and present it to court for prosecution,” Superintendent Blake said.

This is the first time the ABF has conducted this training outside of Australia and says it is “pleased to support the Government of Nauru Police Force and customs services by sending a trainer to Nauru to deliver a one day course in drug detection, search and testing.”

The training was designed for police, customs, quarantine, immigration, corrections, and health staff.

The training focused on the proper use of the narcotics identification kits (NIK) which uses a colourmetic testing system that can presumptively identify a range of substances including narcotics, stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens.

At the end of the training, participants are expected to be able to correctly use a NIK as well as explain the capabilities and limitations of NIK and explain how different physical drug forms may influence field colour testing.

The training also covered detection and search principles such as examination procedures when dealing with bags and cargo understanding of safety issues related to exams; and post detection procedures.

The participants viewed video footage of drugs standards being tested and had the opportunity to demonstrate loading a NIK test pouch and neutralising it for safe disposal.

A total of 30 police, border personnel and health staff participated in the training.


Photo file: Nauru police officers