Nauru police force

Nauru President highlights police pride, safety, changes to sex offender laws at police parade

The president said the new era of the professional Nauru Police Force will be an era where wearing the police uniform brings pride to those who wear it, as well as advancement through hard work and academic diligence, but also a worthwhile career path that will mean being an NPF officer “you are Nauru’s finest.”

President Aingimea said 1 July marks a new direction, new strategic plan and new vision for the NPF and their foundational work that “falls within the ambit of the motto to ‘serve and protect’ is safety.”

Nauru Police Force develops fitness training policy

The training manual includes a message from the Commissioner of Police and a detailed description of the programme.

Mr Notte said it is his duty as COP to enforce health, safety and fitness for the officers, who respond to and care for people in the community.

In his message, the Police Commission said it is his and his executive team’s priority and mandate to spearhead the reform for a fitter, healthier and safer police force in 2020.

Nauru Police Force launches cyber safety campaign

The campaign, called Cyber Safety Pasifika, has been developed to highlight the risks of online bullying, predatory behaviour and crime, and will be valued in Nauru given the high usage of the internet in the country.

“The internet has been a massive benefit to small nations like Nauru due to our isolation, but with this comes risks that are of great concern, particularly as our people are traditionally very trusting of others,” NPF Commissioner Corey Caleb explained.

Nauru holds first narcotics training for health and law enforcement

The training was facilitated and funded by ABF as part of ongoing efforts to train and up-skill law enforcement agencies such as the police force, border security personnel and health.

NPF Superintendent Training Kalinda Blake confirmed drugs have been discovered in Nauru and the training is essential for border protection officers.

“The training is important as drugs have been found and confiscated in Nauru, (and) legally officers in our border agencies have not been trained to test the drugs they seize.