Nauru Covid-19 test results for 20 return negative

Twenty of the incoming passengers who arrived in Nauru on Friday, 4 September were tested for coronavirus this week, all returned negative results and were released.

The passengers were quarantined at the Meneñ Hotel.

In the latest update by President Lionel Aingimea, twenty-eight others, who are residing at the Anibare village will be tested next week.

A fisheries observer who arrived on Saturday 6 September was also tested last night, and returned a negative result.

Five Nauruans in India including those on medical treatment are ready for repatriation.

The COVID-19 taskforce is working with Australia to allow them to transit through Brisbane.

However, President Aingimea said as they are coming from India, a COVID-19 hotspot, the taskforce will decide on how or where the group will spend their 14 days quarantine.

On 10 September, the World Health Organisation recorded global cases (WHO) at 27,738,179 (27m) and deaths at 899,916.

President Aingimea compared the 27m to the population of Australia while the number of global deaths is almost the population of the Pacific Islands, except Fiji and PNG.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the end of coronavirus, it keeps increasing. This is frightening and why we should never let our guard down.”

Meanwhile, the new Police Protective Services are going through training for their new roles in assisting security services at the government’s quarantine sites.

As frontline workers, they have ongoing training to ensure they’re well versed and fully understand their duties, roles and responsibilities.

Flights are unchanged with the freight service running every Friday and Saturday and the passenger flights fortnightly.

The airline has a list of measures in place with all crew blanket tested early on and since then they are being tested every 10 days, and they follow the isolation protocols every flight.

PPE waste at the airport is being looked at to ensure they’re cleared from the bins and disposed of properly after each flight.

Nauru Port is expecting a few vessels this month with cargo ship Capitaine Quiros V88 in port and due to leave as the Kiwai Chief arrived yesterday on its first voyage under the Nauru Shipping Line logo.

President Aingimea congratulated NSL saying this is, “a positive step forward for Nauru.”

The Kiwai Chief’s crew was tested Thursday, all returned negative results, prompting the commencement of cargo discharge.

Fuel carrier Tanker Bliss is due next week as well as phosphate ship Bao Sheng and two tugs to assist. Capitaine Quiros is expected back in early October.


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