Forum Secretariat head encourages Nauru to reconsider media ban

Nauru has been encouraged to reconsider its media ban on Australia's public broadcaster, the ABC.

The Australia Broadcasting Corporation has been banned from covering the upcoming Pacific Forum Leaders summit in Nauru this September. 

Head of the Pacific Forum Secretariat Dame Meg Taylor says she's been contacted by other Forum nations over the ban, but other than encourage a rethink of the ban, she can't tell Nauru what to do.

"We would urge Nauru to reconsider but in the end, this is a decision for a sovereign state," she says.

"We've still got some time before the leaders meeting and the situation may change, I don't know, but I don't tell the President of Nauru or any president what to do." 

Dame Taylor says the Forum values freedom of the press and is still committed to it.


Photo file Loop Nauru