20 Nauru Government scholarship students graduate

Twenty candidates of the Nauru Government Scholarship Scheme have completed their high school studies and have received certificates.

The students were given the opportunity to study overseas including Fiji and Australia.

Secretary for Education and Training Darrina Kun encouraged the students to continue pursuing their studies at a higher level, tertiary scholarships such as the AusAID Scholarships and Taiwan MOFA Scholarship are available for new applicant.

Nauru Media News NTV reports Nauru also has a USP campus open for enrolment that offers tertiary level of education.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Education gave scholarship recipients the choice to continue their studies abroad or to return home completing their education at the Nauru Secondary School.

A total of seven recipients chose to return home.

The list of the Nauru Government Scholarship Student Graduates of 2022 is as follows.

Australia Student Graduates

  • Rosita Rokobuli - Mitchelton State High School
  • Sheliza Detabene - Mitchelton State High School
  • Galizon Fritz - Craigslea State High School
  • Kendall Tabuna - Craigslea State High School
  • Murson Ribauw - Craigslea State High School
  • Myisha Tatum - Craigslea State High School
  • Jazcira Joram - Corinda State High School
  • Violeta Dowabobo - Kedron State High School
  • Kayla Emiu - Kedron State High School
  • ¬†

Fiji Student Graduates

  • Mylynn Jeremaiah - Suva Sangam School
  • Vassavine Thoma - Navesau Adventist
  • Bernard Derog - St Johns College
  • Justine Akubor - Jasper William High School
  • Nauru Student Graduates
  • Wenira Deiye - Nauru Secondary School
  • Mwiraro Blessing - Nauru Secondary School
  • Buckley Tsitsi - Nauru Secondary School
  • Jokeel Rigamoto - Nauru Secondary School
  • Kamak Harris - Nauru Secondary School
  • Michilak Duburiya - Nauru Secondary School
  • Oeak Moses - Nauru Secondary School

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