Australia Awards Office assists Nauru university students

The Australia Awards Office is assisting local students at the USP Nauru Campus to round up their applications.

Nauru Media News reports that the Australia Awards Scholarship applications which are ongoing will close on 29 April after the opportunity was opened on 1 February for those interested in pursuing their academic or professional studies.

Australia Awards Coordinator, Tricia Batsiua said that “the application form is only available online. There is no hardcopy or printed versions for applicants to fill in, it is all done online”.

“The application form is quite comprehensive and applicants need to attend these sessions at the campus for assistance and to open an account then they can complete the form elsewhere at home or workplace using their smartphones or laptops”.

There are parts of the application form that requires comprehensive response for instance;

1. Why this particular course?

2. Is it a priority area for Nauru?

3. How will it benefit the country?

4. The applicants plan after completing the course.

This is but one area among many that the applicants might require assistance with and Australia Awards staffs are at these sessions to help them.

The online sessions are available every two week at Nauru campus until 29 April for interested individuals who wish to apply online for an AAS.