Forum open to observing Nauru election, if invited

The Pacific Islands Forum says it is keen to send an observer mission to help monitor elections in Nauru but only if invited by the Nauru government

Its acting director of political governance and security, Sione Tekiteki, says observers will be at the election in Vanuatu in two weeks.

Mr Tekiteki says the Forum is aware of the increased regional and international concern about the state of law and order in Nauru as well as allegations of political interference in the judiciary.

He says it's up to Nauru whether it will want observers but he says the Forum will stick to its mandate.

"The Forum will not provide a team unless it is requested as with Samoa or as with PNG or Australia for that matter who have got their elections later this year as well. Obviously we do like to provide a mission where possible but really again that is really up to the discretion of the countries."


Radio New Zealand International