Flag raising ceremony, march to commemorate 48th Nauru Independence Day

It was one of the big events on Nauru which involved every Nauruan and even the erateqos (foreigners) on the island.

A flag raising ceremony was held yesterday to commemorate the republic's 48th independence.

The flag raising was followed by a marching parade of more than 12 groups.

The parade was led by the police.

Other participants were contestants for the Miss Nauru 2016 pageant and reigning Miss Nauru, Kauai Oppenheimer, Aiwo community with Aiwo gym boys, RON hospital nurses, scout, connect services, correctional officers, UNDP, judiciary, NTSS, Young Lioness basketball team representing Boe Youth and the Fire and Rescue Services.

The day progressed with various forms of entertainment and activities and it was certainly one to remember for many of the families who attended the celebration.


Ben Kealy