Nauru authorities to conduct COVID-19 tests on 52 new arrivals on Wednesday

In his weekly briefing Monday, President Lionel Aingimea said the tests will be carried out on Wednesday.

The travelers are currently accommodated at the Meneñ Hotel and Canstruct's Anibare Village.

President Aingimea said the science on COVID-19 is evolving and while there are many expert advice, the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests 5.2 days for the virus to load up in the body and show symptoms. Lab testing is specific to detect viral loading and presence in the body.

Japan launches surprise fireworks to lift spirits amid pandemic

The shows were held at secret locations, each lasting five minutes from 20:00 local time (12:00 BST).

Organisers set a time limit for the displays to avoid crowds gathering.

Initially, they said the time and date of the event would not be revealed but later reversed course, deciding a sudden pyrotechnics show could cause distress to some.

Filling the skies with a burst of light, the fireworks lasted long enough for people who did not know about it in advance to view them from the street or their homes.

No new cases in New Zealand for 10th day in a row

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said:

Our total number of confirmed cases remains at 1,154, which is the number we report to the World Health Organization.

Our combined total of confirmed and probable cases remains at 1,504.

The number of recovered cases is unchanged at 1,481. Only one case remains active.

There are no additional deaths to report.

There is no one in New Zealand receiving hospital-level care for COVID-19.


Brazil now fourth-highest nation in Covid-19 deaths

Its figure of 28,834 has now surpassed France, and only the US, the UK and Italy have recorded more deaths.

President Jair Bolsonaro has consistently played down the outbreak, although the country has the world's second-highest number of cases.

He has criticised state lockdowns for harming Brazil's economy and jobs.

What are the latest figures?

Brazil's health ministry said the past 24 hours had seen 956 new deaths.

Belgian Prince Joachim tests positive after lockdown party

Prince Joachim, 28, travelled from Belgium to Spain for an internship on 26 May, the palace said.

Two days later, he went to a party in the southern city of Córdoba, before testing positive for Covid-19.

Spanish reports suggest the prince, a nephew of Belgium's King Philippe, was among 27 people at the party.

Under Córdoba's lockdown rules, a party of this size would be a breach of regulations, as gatherings of no more than 15 people are currently permitted.

No new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand for ninth straight day - Health Ministry

In a statement released this afternoon, the Ministry of Health said there were no new cases for the ninth straight day.

The total number of confirmed cases remains at 1154. The combined total of confirmed and probable cases is 1504.

There have been no further deaths.

After a week of no new cases, the number of active cases dropped to one on Friday.

There were 2111 tests carried out yesterday, and 280,983 have now been processed in total.



India to loosen lockdown despite record cases

From 8 June, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and places of worship will be allowed to re-open in many areas in the first stage of a three-phase plan.

Weeks later, probably in July, schools and colleges will resume teaching.

But areas with high numbers of Covid-19 cases will remain under tight lockdown.

The plan comes after India registered a new record single-day rise in confirmed infections, with nearly 8,000 cases reported on Saturday.

No new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand for sixth day in a row

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said there are only eight active cases in the country and there is still nobody receiving hospital care for the coronavirus.

The eight active cases include five in Waitematā, two in Auckland, and one in Counties Manukau District Health Boards.

Dr Bloomfield said the death toll now included Eileen Hunter, a resident of St Margaret's rest home who died on Sunday and whose family believed had died of Covid-19, despite her having been considered recovered.

Nauru residents under quarantine cleared to go home, no COVID-19

They were all cleared early this week and allowed to go home.

Samples were taken from each individual on Sunday and Monday and results were available within 24 hours.

Two machines are now working simultaneously to test samples on island which is a huge advantage for Nauru as it reduces time spent in quarantine. The reduced time in quarantine means the pressure on services such as security, police, health and food provider Canstruct who has provided free meals every day for every resident in quarantine, is alleviated.

Freighter flights scheduled for Nauru

Another passenger flight is due in to arrive in Nauru on Friday, 29 May from Brisbane.

In a media briefing, President Lionel Aingimea said all passengers will go through the usual procedure of quarantine and swab testing.

He confirmed that the Government is still in discussions with the Fiji government on the status of the repatriation flight.

Two Nauruans were successfully repatriated from Kiribati via Brisbane, Dr Layana Menke’s internship programme in Kiribati has recommenced and she has since opted to remain in Kiribati to complete her internship.