Video gaming leading to problem gambling for Pasifika

Shocking insights from a new study have confirmed that online video gaming is a gateway to problem gambling for Pasifika youth.

The New Zealand research has been carried out by three organisations - Pasifika Youth Online Gaming and Gambling Research, Mapu Maia Pasifika Service and Moana Research.

They have found children across New Zealand as young as five are showing symptoms of 'gaming harm'.

Lead researcher Dr Seini Taufa said the research is the first of its kind and 75 young people were interviewed.

Taufa said more investment is required to support efforts to overcome problem gambling.

"It was shocking. You've got young people as young as primary school age who are developing some harmful behaviours due to excessive gaming. Two thirds of Pasifika gaming respondents spent two to five hours gaming," Taufa said.