Top 10 S8 features you will absolutely love

More than the looks and the hardware, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 is a cut above when it comes to enabling users to get more out of their smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely not a vanilla Android smartphone which you will get bored of within a couple weeks of usage. And you can never be sure that you know your Galaxy S8 well. The device will come up with some pleasing software surprise whenever you hunt for it. 

While Bixby totally takes the back seat in India, the Galaxy S8 has more than enough to offer on the software front. Here are 10 features to look forward to in the Samsung Galaxy S8 which you will absolutely love. 

1) Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is, of course, not exclusive to the Galaxy S8 series. However, this is one of the most convenient features in day-to-day usage. You can literally surprise anyone by just ‘swiping’ your mobile instead of your credit or debit card at any POS terminal. 

Samsung Pay is supported by all major banks in India. If you configure your credit or debit with your Samsung Pay account, you need not carry your cards physically with you. Samsung Pay works with any regular card swiping machines through Samsung’s Magnetic Secure Transmission technology. 

2) Scroll capture Screenshot 

It is frustrating to take multiple screenshots of long web page by continuously scrolling down. The Galaxy S8 takes care of this problem. The moment you press the power/wake button along with the volume down button, a Scroll capture option pops out. You can keep tapping on it to scroll down and take screenshots automatically. The screenshots are then automatically stitched into one image. With Smart Capture, you can also take screenshots by just waving your palm over the device. 

3)Multi-tasking with split screen

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers an excellent multitasking experience. With split screen, you can play games and even continue with your WhatsApp chats simultaneously. You can also set the size of the screen for an app. 

4) Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 makes the Galaxy S8 and S8+ very special. With this you can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You can connect two Bluetooth speakers to the Galaxy S8 or even two Bluetooth earphones. You can also transfer files to another smartphone while listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker. 

5) Edge Screen

The Edge Screen takes multi-tasking to the next level by offering handy tools, contacts and other widgets on priority. The Edge Screen is available on earlier Galaxy flagship as well. You can create GIFs, take notes or even add dedicated app widgets on the Edge Screen. 

6) Always On Display

The Always On Display adds a premium feel to the Galaxy S8. The best part is, you can customise it to change the clock, colour and even put a timer to it. 

7) Click photos/ Record Videos with Voice 

Just say ‘Cheese’, ‘Smile’, ‘Capture’ or ‘Record Video’ to perform the tasks. For this you will have to activate Voice Control in the settings of the camera app. 

8) Full Screen Infinity Experience

The almost bezel-less display makes the Galaxy S8 look gorgeous. Samsung has enabled users to expand apps to fit the 18:5:9 aspect ratio and offer a full screen experience for apps and videos. 

9) Power Saving mode

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is average at best and you might need to shift to the power saving mode occasionally. This mode extends battery life greatly and you can even customise it as per your requirement. 

10) Samsung Health

Available on all Samsung flagships, Samsung Health is a one-stop platform for your entire fitness regime. From just counting steps to measuring heart rate or stress, Samsung Health can easily replace any affordable fitness band. 


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