Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna faces new dengue outbreak

The hospital in Kaleveleve reported 17 cases in the past two months, which stretches its capacity.

A doctor at the hospital told local television that efforts were being made to care for some of the patients at home, with medical staff making visits.

In the first months of the year, Wallis recorded dozens of dengue cases following last year's outbreak in New Caledonia where almost 400 people needed hospital care.

The public is again advised to try to eliminate breeding sites of mosquitos to stop the disease.

Wallis and Futuna to get first brewery next year

Under the label Brasserie de Wallis and Futuna the micro-brewery plans to produce 250,000 bottles a year, local television says.

The project was launched by New Caledonian businessman Pierrick Maury, who has already opened a brewery in New Caledonia.

Mr Maury said he was still seeking investors in order to have as broad an ownership as possible, selling minimum stakes of $US100.

Once operational, the plant is expected to have nine employees.

Annual beer consumption in the territory is more than one million bottles a year.


100 pigs dumped after Wallis and Futuna ceremony

The territory's public broadcaster said about 300 pigs were prepared for the celebration in Vaisei on Futuna which marked the completion of the building the church.

However, there were too many pigs.

The Works Department was brought in for the clean-up, using a digger to dispose of about 100 of the pigs.

The broadcaster says some people considered this a waste while others found the pigs were a gift given out of joy.



Samoa completes connection to new submarine cable

The Samoa Submarine Cable Company said Samoa, Fiji, and Wallis and Futuna are now inter-connected via the undersea optical fibre system which spans more than 1,470 kilometres.

Samoa's Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Afamasaga Rico Tupa'i, said it's a significant milestone for the project to bring high speed broadband to everyone in Samoa.

The new internet connection is expected to be operational next month.


Wallis wants all renewable energy by 2050

This was announced after talks with a visiting senior French government official Sebastien Lecornu who said Wallis and Futuna wants to be at the forefront.

Mr Lecornu, who is the secretary of state for technological transition, says 90 percent of electricity is being produced with fossil fuels but that will drop to 50 percent by 2030.

He says a new economic model will be drawn up in broad discussions to provide a development partnership between the state and private sides.



Alerts lifted as Cyclone Ella leaves Futuna

The island of 5,000 people had been on lockdown for nearly three days as the category two storm passed close to the northern coast.

Residents were forced to stay indoors and all movement had been banned.

But with the cyclone now about 100km away, the alerts were lifted on Saturday night.

Wallis and Futuna's public broadcaster reported that power was cut, roofs were damaged and some areas flooded, but there was so far no major damage.

The cyclone is forecast to slowly move west, maintaining its category two strength.