University of the South Pacific

ADB stands ready to support Pacific Regionalism key priorities

President Nakao made the statement Friday in his public lecture at the University of the South Pacific on “Pacific Islands: Development Opportunities and policies priorities.

“ADB recognises the diversity of the Pacific. The region has over 800 languages. Pacific Island economies are very different. But a regional approach to common challenges can benefit all.

“Pacific Island leaders will be discussing a new framework for Pacific regionalism at the Forum Leaders meeting in Port Moresby in early September. ADB stands ready to support their key priorities,” he stressed.

COP21 needs to secure an agreement – USP academic

An academic at the University of the South Pacific (USP), Professor Elisabeth Holland, says the time to act is now and lobby for a legally binding commitment to fix global carbon emissions at the Paris COP21

“If Paris doesn’t work, if we don’t find a solution, is if France say diplomacy doesn’t work, if Fiji’s leadership doesn’t work, if the Republic of Marshall Islands leadership doesn’t work, we’re on the red line.”